Orders may be placed by mail, e-mail or fax. Mail orders should be sent to:

Mokslininku st. 6A
LT-08412, Vilnius, LITHUANIA

For prompt orders please send the purchase order number via e-mail [email protected] or fax +370 5 272 3704.

For your convenience you may order products directly from our representative in your country.


To purchase items online, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Find an item by browsing the product menu or by entering the product name in the “Search” window. If you cannot find the product in the Stocklist and among the Catalog items, you are welcome to fill in the Request form with your desired custom parameters.
  2. Once your find the product you want to purchase, click icon "BUY" .
  3. To continue shopping repeat the first two steps.
  4. When you finish selecting the products, click “My Basket” at the top corner of the website.
  5. If you choose one or more Custom items (the price is not defined on the website) you can send the Request directly to the sales engineer who will contact you within 24 hours with the Quotation. If all of your items are from the Stocklist or from the Catalog you can place your order directly by clicking “Continue”. Then follow these steps:

           5.1. Fill in billing information.
If the billing information is the same as the shipping information, check the box ”Ship to this address” and press “Continue”.
If the billing information is different from the shipping information, select “New Address” from the dropdown menu, fill in the shipping information and press “Continue”.

           5.2. Select delivery type.
                 If you choose “Delivery under your carrier account”, select the carrier,  type your account number with carrier and press “Continue”.
                 If you select “Delivery organized by Altechna”, you will be charged for the freight costs. For next step press “Continue”.
          5.3. Check the billing and shipping information. If it needs any changes, press “Back”; otherwise, press “Continue”.
          5.4. Select payment method and press “Continue”.
                 If you select payment by Paypal, you will be redirected to Paypal account. For further operations follow Paypal’s instructions.
                 If you choose bank transfer, follow transfer information. You may also select “Purchase order” and enter its number for further reference.
          5.5. For further shopping press “Back to shop”.


Payments can be made by 30 net days by:
A. Payment by bank transfer. Direct funds to:
IBAN: LT087044060001103426 with AB SEB
Bank code 70440, Gedimino ave. 12,
LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania, SWIFT: CBVI LT 2X

B. Payment with Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA):
1. In order to make a payment, you have to be registered in our website. It takes just couple of minutes.
2. Once logged onto our website click on "Profile" and on the left menu choose "Pay Online".
3. Then enter INVOICE/Proforma INVOICE number and the total amount in EUR or USD.

Additional 3% charge may be applied.

Advance payment is requested for the first order only.


All products are guaranteed to be free from defects. Claims are accepted for a period of three months after delivery. We do not assume liability for installation, labor or consequential damages.