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Altechna was granted ISO 9001:2015

2018 September 7
We are proud to announce that Altechna has been rewarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our transition from ISO 9001:2008 to the updated standard shows our desire for delivering custom laser optics solutions at the highest levels of quality. Following ISO 9001 guidance will help us to ensure that Altechna‘s customers continue to receive consistent, high-quality products and services through ongoing enhancement of internal quality control processes, communication, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Chill Zone Opening at Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics

2018 April 4

We are more than happy to announce that the doors of chill zone are finally opened to all the members of the Physics Faculty. As a present to Vilnius University, Faculty of Physics, Altechna established there a Student Chill Zone for both - studies and leisure. We hope these upgrades will make students‘ spare time during or after the classes in this particular area - pleasant and effective! Let it be the place where extraordinary ideas happen. Keep calm - and study physics!


Important Notice - Payment by Cheque

2018 February 7
This is to inform that starting on March 2018, payment method by cheque will no longer be valid. If there are any questions – please contact us for more information on your convenience.

Altechna Coatings - fully-fledged subsidiary company of Altechna

2017 December 5
OPTIDA, JSC name has now been officially changed to Altechna Coatings, JSC as of December 2017. This name change will let represent the company as a fully-fledged subsidiary of  Altechna, JSC. It will adapt our corporate identity to suit and represent selves clearly in the market and ensure a high degree of recognition among customers, partners, and all the business contacts. 

Except for the visual changes, there was no change in management or range of services the company offers. It is important to notice, that the change of the company name will not have an impact on the ongoing projects and agreed terms.


Altechna announces Per Moller as new CEO

2017 April 4

Altechna today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Per Moller as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 15th of March 2017, expecting Per to lead Altechna to further international growth and to build stronger ties and partnerships with our customers all over the world.

“We are delighted to announce Per Moller as a new CEO of Altechna. We hope that the combination of Per Moller’s extensive experience in business development and the technical and innovative expertise of our team will deliver best possible solutions to our customers and significantly grow the company” – commented Gintas Šlekys, Chairman of the Board.

Strong technical expertise and decades of experience are at the core to identify and solve complex problems for laser optics and provide custom solutions for company’s customers.

Per has previously served as the CEO in Denmark and the Baltic’s of EY, the global accountancy firm and brings with him an international experience of business management, strategy development, and sales. After leaving EY, Per actively engaged as an angel investor, providing seed funding and angel capital to early stage high-potential startup companies. In Lithuania, Per has co-founded Blue Lime Labs and Baltic Assist.

Altechna is a leading group of companies in the photonics industry owned by the founders and LitCapital. The Group consists of Altechna UAB, a producer and supplier of general optics, optoelectronics and laser accessories, and OPTIDA UAB, a producer of optical coatings and supplier of services in the optical technology field. The Group provides innovative solutions for academic and industrial customers. Altechna was founded in 1996 and it has been involved in R&D activities with local and international universities and R&D institutions since then. The Group serves a broad customer base and exports its products and solutions to more than 45 countries worldwide. Altechna attracted growth capital investment from LitCapital in 2013

LitCapital is an independent professional private equity fund management company based in Lithuania. LitCapital was founded in 2010 and currently, is managing an EUR 25 M size growth capital fund Litcapital I KŪB. The fund was established under the JEREMIE initiative in cooperation with European Investment Fund (EIF) and is aimed at investing in the expansion of private Lithuanian companies. 

News archive

European Business Awards

Altechna - National Champion!

2016 September 5
Altechna has been named a National Champion for Lithuania in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.

Laser Power control units

2016 February 28

Altechna presents technical overview of extra cavity laser power control methods realizable with free space optics. It is intended to help industrial laser processing engineers to make the right choice of attenuator design for their laser processing systems.

Particular methods come with distinctive advantages as well as drawbacks. For instance, neutral density reflective type filters with optical density gradient over the cross-section grants a rather even attenuation over wide spectral range from UV to NIR, however they are susceptible to laser damage.

This white paper covers several options of output power control through manipulation of the polarization along with its’ superiorities and shortcomings of individual components, e.g. waveplate vs. EO modulator, and peculiar features of various polarizers used in setups of the kind. Unpolarized laser power control solution is also introduced with schematic layout and attenuation properties.

Laser capability to accomplish extremely precise tasks by applying high power impact within tiny spatial domain, e.g. diffraction limited spot, has lead laser power control to become an important variable that helps to optimise yield and secure successful completion of the task. For more details on laser power control please download full technical article.

Altechna: 20 Years of Creating Light Together

Altechna: 20 Years of Creating Light Together

2016 January 5

Altechna has been at the forefront of laser innovations since 1996 providing thin-film coatings, optical components & solutions for various industries – from industrial to academic purposes. Starting with supplying laser components the company has grown through the decades of technological evolution developing practical and exciting products. In 2015 Altechna reached a 10m EUR group turnover and a 29% compound annual growth rate making into a list of Inc. 500 Europe as one of the fastest growing private companies in Europe.

Altechna won in "A solid step in the export markets" nomination in The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania awards in 2014. The company works for leading industrial and R&D organizations in selected photonics industries exporting 80% of products and solutions to European, American, and Asian markets. Altechna covers the whole spectrum of laser optics offering complete in-house metrology and R&D, adopting Fabless Business Strategy supply chain, and professional customer support.

Having an extensive number of physicists in sales and metrology departments, Altechna is able to provide its customers with professional consultations for the most effective solutions; thus, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership. With great attention to custom orders Altechna experts have developed a number of standard off-shelf solutions, but is always up for new challenges.

Altechna is actively developing its R&D departments and laboratories investing up to 20% of total returns annually. The company purchased the major stake of optical coating company Optida to extend manufacturing capabilities and ensure the production of unique laser optical components with dielectric coatings. The in-house metrology lab has also been successfully growing and providing high level integrated research services for measuring optical components’ quality parameters to ensure the customers with the best quality products.

Altechna product inspiration often comes from the needs and insights of its customers. Looking back Altechna has been creating light for 20 years together with business and academic partners who have been the drive to success.

Free technical consultations on crystals

2015 November 24
Tuning your laser source to other wavelengths? Altechna professionals are here to help you evaluate which nonlinear crystal would be best for the required frequency conversion or it’s optimal configuration in respect of available power, beam size, pulse duration or repetition rate.
Want to build second (SHG) or third (THG) harmonic generators, parametric oscillators vs amplifiers (OPO, OPA), sum (SFG) or difference (DFG) frequency generators designed particularly for your laser? We’re ready for a challenge!
Unsure how to best use Raman, photorefractive, electro-optic or need simply birefringent crystals? Learning how the crystals could be used in various laser applications? We can share our experience with you.
Consult Altechna experts about the best way to reach your result before investing into expensive optics. We provide free technical consulting services that can save you time and resources. Get the most effective solutions for various crystal applications, the needed technical information, and appropriate simulations and optimal optical setup advice from the people who have seen it all.
View full service description here.

Educational DPSS Laser Kit

2015 September 21
Altechna presents a compact educational DPSS laser kit designed for learning about the laser setup and experimenting. The kit is designed for academic organizations and research labs to make various education topics easily understandable for a wide range of users.
There are three basic versions of the product available: continuous wave (CW), upgrade with Q-switching (self-pulse formation) QCW operation mode, and upgrade with a possibility to generate 2nd harmonic. Laser kit can be designed and easily adjusted to your lab experiments or education programs on your request. The kit users will have an exclusive opportunity to assemble the laser setup themselves to better understand the work principles and to learn many laser usage related topics better. Such as:
  • Laser diode temperature dependence vs. wavelength
  • Laser diode control specifics
  • Diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser with passive Q-switch control specifics
  • General optics use with laser beam
  • Beam focusing and collimation
  • Optics alignments
  • Laser resonator control specifics
  • Measurement of laser parameters
  • Nonlinear optics (generating 2nd harmonic)
  • Building your own experimental setup based on laser source
  • Other topics depending on the needs

  • CW or CW/QCW mode (optional)
  • Pro Kit generates the 2nd harmonic
  • Up to 10 W diode power
  • Up to 1.4 W output CW power
  • Up to 11 kHz frequency in QCW
  • Possible wavelengths: 1030nm, 1064nm
  • Beam quality: ~M2 < 1.2
  • Positioned on 1,5 cm high, 30 cm wide and 40 cm long breadboard

For more details please follow the products' link.


Altechna is Establishing Technical Dialogue in LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

2015 June 22

On 22-25th June the leading Lithuanian laser related products and solution supplier Altechna will be participating in the key international photonics exhibition LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015 in Munich.

Active participation in the LASER World of PHOTONICS exhibition with 27,000 visitors and 1,180 exhibitors is a chance for Altechna to expand the technical dialogue and present its achievements in the field of ultrafast and custom laser optics.

This year is dedicated to Light and Light-Basted technologies highlighting the importance of light and optical technologies in the lives of the citizens and society development worldwide.

Together with ultrafast lasers, laser and nonlinear crystals, Altechna will also demonstrate a brand new compact motorized laser beam attenuator PowerXP, a dependable motorized laser beam attenuator Watt Pilot as well as fixed and zoom beam expanders. These in-house manufactured laser accessories were designed and developed by Altechna production group professionals as a part of new, more focused direction of expanding in-house manufacturing capabilities. The products that have drawn the interest of photonics engineers be will demonstrated within an active laser set up.

Assembling beam expander at Altechna in-house production facilities. ©Altechna photo

For Altechna that has extensive experience in custom laser optics and provides highest quality custom solutions, LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015 is a platform to demonstrate new ways to use lasers in industries such as medicine, science, defense and manufacturing.
Altechna has 19 years of experience in providing laser optics and highest quality custom solutions to the world’s largest manufacturers of femtosecond lasers, academic, and industrial customers.

Altechna has successfully implemented non-standard products, such as:

  • Laser and nonlinear crystals: Ti:Sapphire, Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW
  • Ultrafast optics: low GDD, ultrafast and GTI mirrors
  • Laser accessories: motorized attenuators Watt Pilot and PowerXP, variable beam expanders

Altechna was included on the 2015 Inc. 5000 Europe, Inc.'s ranking of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the European continent. In 2014 Ministry of Economy awards Altechna won in "A solid step in the export markets" nomination.

The investor of Altechna is LitCapital, established in cooperation with European Investment Fund (EIF) under the JEREMIE initiative.


Femtosecond optics

2015 May 12

The market for femtosecond optics has grown over the decades since the introduction of first sub-picosecond lasers in 1990s but it still remains quite small compared to longer pulse or CW lasers and all the optics available for such lasers. Conventional optics and coatings will inevitably end up by either distorting the temporal characteristics of the pulse, being damaged by high peak power of the pulse, or both.

Optical materials possess a specific quality when the phase velocity of light inside the material dependent on the frequency (or wavelength), or equivalently when the group velocity depends on the frequency. This is called chromatic dispersion or group-velocity dispersion (GVD). The latter is measured in units of s²/m or fs²/mm. It’s most convenient to define GVD for optical materials (glasses, fibers etc) in order to evaluate how much your pulse will stretch or compress by using different thickness/length of material. For optical components an alternative measure called the group delay dispersion (GDD) is used. GDD characterizes dispersion for the optical whole component without the need to take thickness/length into consideration.

GDD is usually an unwanted effect because streched ultrashort pulse will lose it’s two main properties: it will no longer be ultrashort and it’s peak power will distribute withint the streched pulse (please refer to figure 1). Usually, the only case where pulse streching is a sought-after effect is in ultrashort pulse amplifiers which streches the pulse, amplifies it and compresses it again.

Schematic representation of ultrashort pulse spreading after a non-GDD compensated optical component is introduced to the setup

Figure 1. Schematic representation of ultrashort pulse spreading after a non-GDD compensated
optical component is introduced to the setup.

To view full version of technical article please download white paper.

Altechna has been working with femtosecond optics since the beginning of the company in 1996 and has shown its expertise by helping its customers tame the sub-picosecond pulses. Here are the features of our key ultrafast laser components

For full range of ultrafast laser products please visit


How our business is done

2015 February 18
Every order starts with a discussion. Altechna engineers not only find out more about the needs of the clients, but also advise them and, if necessary, find new solutions in the market. Since physicists make up as much as one third of the company’s staff, professional solutions are ensured.

The Altechna production process is based on experience, a large network of suppliers, and rigorous quality control. Some of the components are manufactured by Altechna and the remaining ones are ordered from reputable suppliers. Depending on the specifics of the order, we select only the very best suppliers who can offer the highest quality products and services at the right price. This not only keeps the cost of production low, but also allows us to flexibly solve customer problems and produce products of only the highest quality.

More complicated products, such as Watt Pilot attenuators, which consist of numerous parts and require more knowledge and experience to produce, are put together in the Altechna production department.

All production with no exceptions is tested in Altechna's quality control laboratory and only then is delivered to the customer.

A considerable number of successfully implemented complicated non-standard orders speak of our expertise.

You can choose from more than 30,000 products in our catalog. We can also provide you with any customized product based on your requirements. Altechna professionals are custom order experts, effectively delivering the best optical components and solutions; thus, saving your time and efforts for better business development.

„Femto Solutions“ - up to date choice for femto products

2014 October 1
Altechna presents brand new design for – e-shop dedicated only to Ultrashort pulse related products. Best solutions for the most demanding femtosecond systems from single source:
  • fs general and polarization optics
  • fs laser and nonlinear crystals
  • fs accessories
All products are of the highest quality. This is proved by inspecting at Altechna metrology laboratory which fits ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Moreover all stock items are listed live and available in real time.
From now on Femto Solutions offers more convenient shopping policy:
  • Order online or via email 24/7.
  • Profesional technical support by qualified sales staff.
  • Secured payment with Paypal, Mastercard and Visa.
  • All products have defect free warranty.
Updated webpage allows you to order products not only at your office desk but also has became more convenient to shop online via tablets or smart phones.
For more information please contact [email protected]

Group delay dispersion measurements

2014 August 27
We are glad to announce that Altechna Metrology laboratory has started providing group delay dispersion (GDD) measurements in optical components in the range from 500 nm to 1650 nm. For such measurements we use KMLabs instrument Chromatis that quickly and accurately characterizes the full dispersive properties of optical components and coatings. Carefully managing optical dispersion is critical for optimal performance of ultrafast laser systems, multi-layer mirrors, and multiple quantum well structures.
Four measurement modes are available:
1. 0° Angle of Incidence (AOI) in Reflection
2. 5° - 70° AOI in Reflection
3. 0° -70° AOI in Transmission
4. Mirror pair measurement with variable AOI (6° -54°)
Measurement report includes Group Delay and Group Delay Dispersion curves for s and p polarizations, user also could select to show third and fourth order dispersion curves on the graph.
For more details about Altechna metrology services please visit


Altechna products at FindLight

2014 August 18
Altechna has recently joined FindLight – a search engine and a catalog of photonics products. Its industry specific technical filters allow specialists search find and learn about the products they need within seconds.

At platform you may find Altechna‘s laser related components and solutions for laser manufacturers, industrial clients and R&D labratories.

New ‚In Stock Optics‘ look – more ways to order stock optics

2014 July 22
Altechna presents brand new design for – stock optics e-shop, which allows you to order products not only at your office desk but also has became more convenient to shop online via tablets or smart phones.

Updated e-shop offers a wide range of laser optics directly from stock:
  • Optical components: dielectric coated optics, lenses, prisms, filters, axicons, uncoated optical windows, metallic coated optics, non polarizing beamsplitter cubes.
  • Polarization optics: waveplates, Brewster type thin film polarizers, broadband thin film polarizers, polarizing cubes, S-waveplate, Glan type and other polarizers.
  • Laser and nonlinear crystals: Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4, BBO, KDP and other crystals.
  • Laser accessories: beam expanders and other products.

All products are inspected in Altechna metrology laboratory and fits ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Moreover all stock items are listed live and available in real time.

From now on In Stock Optics offers more convenient shopping policy:
  • Order online or via email 24/7.
  • Worldwide dispatch within 1 week or less.
  • Secured payment with Paypal, Mastercard and Visa.
  • All products have defect free warranty.

For more information please contact [email protected]

A quick guide on how to choose laser crystal cut

A quick guide on how to choose laser crystal cut

2014 April 11

When choosing laser crystals one has to decide which crystal cut to use, i.e. how the end faces of the crystal will be cut. Generally, there two different cuts are used in laser crystals: right-angle cut and Brewster-angle cut.

Right-angle cut and Brewster-angle cut

Fig. 1. Right-angle cut (a.) and Brewster-angle cut (b.) of Ti:Sapphire laser crystal. L stands for crystal length.

Figure 1 shows the visual difference between the two cuts in Titanium doped sapphire crystals: right-angle cut has the polished ends perpendicular to the axis of propagation of light; whereas Brewster-angle cut crystals are at Brewster’s angle between the normal vector of the polished face and axis of light input. In the figure this angle is 60.4°. For laser beam propagation from air to laser crystal (with refractive index n), Brewster’s angle is defined as θB=arctan(n). At Brewster’s angle, the surface reflectance is zero for the light with polarization inside the plane defined by the direction of light propagation and the normal to the surface (also defined as p-polarized light).

Right-angle cut is easier to manufacture than Brewster-angle cut, however it leads to higher resonator losses. It is convenient for application of anti-reflective, high reflection or partial reflecting coatings, but is not very useful in high power, especially short-pulse, applications. Coatings applied to the crystal usually have lower damage threshold than uncoated Brewster-angle cut crystal faces.

Brewster-angle cut is used to eliminate reflection losses, increase polarization contrast, avoid formation of parasitic pulses in ultra-short pulse oscillators or even induce negative dispersion. Brewster cut faces are left uncoated in order to increase damage threshold of the surface. Reflection loss of p-polarization is Brewster-angle cut crystals is zero.

Brewster-angle cut crystals are more expensive than right-angle cut crystals because the former require more raw material to get the same crystal length L.

Table below summarizes the differences between the two cuts

  Right-angle cut Brewster-angle cut
Price Lower Higher
Laser induced damage threshold Lower, if dielectric coatings are applied Higher
Reflection losses Higher, if no AR coatings are applied Zero reflection losses for p-polarized light
Aligning Convenient Inconvenient
Other Additional recurring repolishing/
recoating costs due to damaged
coatings over time
Astigmatism induced under high average

As a rule of thumb, right-angle cut crystals are often chosen when the applications require cost effective solution and when the aim of application isn’t to get the maximum output of lasing power, whereas Brewster-angle cut crystals are chosen when the application is to get maximum power output keeping in mind that the polarization of pumping laser has to be parallel to the plane of incidence of the laser crystal for best results.


Altechna - 18 years in photonics

2014 March 26
Since 1996 Altechna has been successfully following its mission to create competitive advantage and added value to the customers by innovative solutions in light technologies.

is a supplier of laser related products and solutions, specializing in the following key activity fields:
  • Laser related components.
  • Distribution of well-known photonics industry brands in local markets.
  • R&D solutions in laser micromachining.
  • Manufacturing of laser related components.
  • Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality.

Our products and solutions are based on added value for the customer:
  • Highly qualified sales staff dedicated to specific geographic regions.
  • Aim to build long lasting relationship with our customers.
  • Each product is shipped only after passing meticulous quality control department.
  • Growing number of standard products available from stock.
  • Experience in providing customized products for customers in various fields. o Focused growth of company group allows to provide diverse added value solutions.

We hope that you may be interested in our products, solutions, services and possibility to work with us.

Clean and protect optics with special polymer film

2013 December 12
Altechna presents new product - First Contact™ optics cleaner. It is a one-part easy to use strip film, which cleans and protects precision optics, telescopes, mirrors and surfaces in use, during storage, assembly and shipping. First Contact™ is specially designed to minimize surface adhesion and clean surfaces safely and effectively while leaving zero residue. Tests show that optics cleaned with First Contact™ have better reflectivity and laser damage threshold.

Product is safe to use with nanostructures, precision surfaces, optics, glass, fused silica, silicon, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors, telescope optics and precision aerospace surfaces. First Contact™ also cleans and protects diffraction gratings, phase masks, and pinholes.

You may order the product or pre-coating service for any Altechna optics. Our metrology laboratory engineers will apply protective film after optics quality inspection.

Order stock laser optics and get protection film for free. For more information on this offer please visit


Coating technologies at Altechna

2013 October 31
Altechna offers a wide range of high performance optical coatings on standard, custom or customer supplied optics.
Our coatings cover wavelength range from deep UV (193 nm) to far IR (25 µm) with biggest part of coatings done in wavelength ranges of most conventionally accessible laser and illumination sources from 266 nm to 2 µm.
We offer a set of standard and custom coatings per individual request:
  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • High reflection coatings
  • Beam splitter coatings
  • Partially reflective coatings
  • Polarizer coatings
  • Filter coatings
  • Ultrafast GDD compensated coatings
  • Gires-Tournois interferometer mirrors (GTI)
  • Variable reflectivity mirrors
  • Metallic coatings
At Altechna we aim to provide high damage threshold, high quality coatings for constantly growing photonics market with highest standards.
Each coating is special and over the years in the photonics field we have learned that flexibility is the key to meet high demands of our customers therefore our coatings are done using different technologies which are chosen for separate coatings individually. Here is our list of coating technologies available at Altechna:
  • Electron beam evaporation
  • Ion assisted deposition
  • Ion beam sputtering

Each technology is different and is used according to requirements of spectral sensitivity, damage threshold, hardness, surface quality etc.


Best optical quality inspection practise at Altechna

2013 October 8
Altechna ensures high quality laser optics at its own in house metrology laboratory. Its new video takes you on tour of our optical quality inspection standards.
Visual inspection begins with optical surface quality inspection and visual examination according to Military 13830 and ISO 10110 standards.
Altechna also executes effective focal length measurement from 5 mm to 5000 mm and radius of curvature measurement from 7 mm to 700 mm. Lens centration measurement unit is available with 'Multilens' software for multi lens system measurement and analysis.
We perform transmittance from 190-1100 nm and reflectance measurement at 0° and 45° angles.
The laboratory carries out wavefront distortion measurements diffraction and aberration analysis surface figure of flat and spherical surfaces per 100 mm diameter.
Moreover we offer: angle measurements of various elements with 0,4 arcsec accuracy;  waveplates retardation measurement using Soleil-Babinet Compensator, Axicons Bessel beam generation measurement.
Each product is followed with detailed quality report.  For more information please visit

Altechna National Champion at European Business Awards

Altechna to Represent Lithuania in Europe’s Business Awards

2013 July 22
The European Business Awards has announced that Altechna is to represent Lithuania as a National Champion in the prestigious 2013/14 Awards programme. Altechna beat off stiff competition to be selected as one of seven National Champions and will now compete for Ruban d’Honneur status in the next round of the competition. Final category Award winners will be unveiled in April 2014.
The judges of European Business Awards have selected organisations to represent Lithuania who exhibited the highest levels of innovation, business excellence and sustainability.
Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards says, “Over the past seven years we’ve received an incredibly high standard of entries from organisations that are passionate about their business. However, very few get the chance to fly the flag for their country and compete across Europe to be recognised as one of Europe’s finest. It really is an exceptional accolade to be picked as a National Champion and we’re looking forward to seeing Lithuania in the next round.”
“At Altechna we’re absolutely thrilled to be selected to represent Lithuania. We’ve been operating for over seventeen years in the laser technology scetor and it’s an honour to be recognised as one of the leading organisations in our country and in our field. We’re looking forward to the next round of the competition,” says Altechna director Tadas Lipinskas.

Altechna expands laser technology company group

2013 June 17
UAB Altechna, Lithuanian manufacturer and distributor of laser optics, optoelectronics and laser components, has purchased the major stake of optical coating company Optida Co Ltd.
By this investment Altechna is seeking to extend manufacturing capabilities, to ensure the production of unique laser optical components with dielectric coatings within the company group and pay special attention to quality control. Also company plans to design and develop new products and invest in update of technical facilities.
Altechna has been operating in the laser industry since 1996. Currently company has nearly 40 employees. Almost all employees have academic backgrounds in physics. The Company operates in three main areas: supplying general optics, optoelectronics and laser related products, designing of optomechanical assemblies, and providing innovative solutions for academic and industrial customers.
Optida is the largest optical coating company in Lithuania. It manufactures optical coatings and delivers services in optical technology field. Company is developing and manufacturing optical components for lasers, laser systems and optical devices. Within company developed optical coating technologies enables to manufacture optical elements corresponding international standards.
Another member of Altechna company group is UAB Altechna R&D, internationally known as Workshop of Photonics®. It is involved in the development and commercialization of instruments and solutions for laser micromachining tasks for both industrial and academic customers.

Altechna group is owned by individual persons and growth capital fund LitCapital I. LitCapital I acquired a minority stake in the company in 2013 and provided the company with resources required for rapid growth. LitCapital is a EUR 25 million size growth capital fund incorporated in Lithuania. LitCapital I fund was established under the JEREMIE initiative in cooperation with European Investment Fund (EIF) and is aimed at investing into the expansion of private Lithuanian companies.


Investment agreement

2013 May 17
LitCapital has signed an agreement to acquire a minority stake in Altechna UAB. Fresh capital will be used to finance the purchase of additional technological equipment and increase the in-house R&D capacity by strengthening the ability to conduct high quality scientific research for commercialization purposes. The total planned investment will amount up to 3m EUR.
“Our latest investment is a very attractive opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of a company that is involved in high value added high-tech industry. We firmly believe that additional capital and the ability to use fund’s team management experience and network will significantly increase company’s financial and development capacity to create and commercialize new systems and products in the field of optoelectronics and grow the business very substantially. We are fascinated by the company’s intellectual potential. Almost all products and services are being sold worldwide.” – says Šarūnas Šiugžda, the founder and managing partner of LitCapital.
The company has been operating in the industry since 1996. Currently Altechna has nearly 40 employees. Almost all employees have academic backgrounds in physics. The Company operates in three main areas: supplying general optics, optoelectronics and laser related products, designing of optomechanical assemblies, and providing innovative solutions for academic and industrial customers. Company puts a lot of effort to ensure the highest quality of products sold to its customers. Altechna R&D, UAB (brand name Workshop of Photonics) - a subsidiary fully owned by Altechna, is involved in the development and commercialization of few new high-tech technologies. There are 17 researchers and engineers working at Altechna R&D.
“We are working on a number of complex projects that involve application of laser technologies in industrial use in cooperation with universities from Lithuania, Australia, Italy and UK. It is a real challenge that requires speed, investments and sound business decisions to achieve success and be competitive in the global marketplace. We hope that the input from venture capital fund will significantly contribute to our success and speed up our international expansion” – says Dr. Gintautas Šlekys, chairman of the board of Altechna group companies.

Altechna New Page

Exciting changes of Altechna waiting for you

2013 April 20
Altechna is happy to invite you to our updated web page Its new modern design is easier to navigate and to get to the desirable categories. The product tree is now clearer and more comfortable to use – search for the products of interest: general optics, polarization optics, laser & nonlinear crystals, optomechanics, lasers, accessories, and scientific cameras. Our e-shop has also become more user-friendly as we have separated the stock products and left only catalogue items for your convenience; thus, you will avoid confusion upon ordering your products. 

You will also see the new logo of Altechna. Don‘t worry, we are the same professional leading company of photonic and laser research. However, we have grown in a number of ways and with the change of our logo we wanted to stress the fact that we are in a constant search for innovations and better solutions. 

For those of you who visit us, we invite you to a new office where Altechna and Workshop of Photonics are now located. Please, be aware that from now on you are welcome to visit us or send us mail to UAB Altechna, Mokslininkų g. 6A, 08412 Vilnius, Lithuania. Being socially and environmentally conscious we have chosen the technology park – we are now located in the neighbourhood of our colleagues high technology companies striving for innovation. 

We are happy you can be a part of our exciting changes and we are glad to offer you high quality products and services worldwide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

New address

Change of address

2013 April 5
We kindly inform you that our company’s address will change from 15th of April, 2013. All correspondence and shipments should be addressed to:
UAB Altechna, Mokslininku st. 6A, 08412 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Laser crystals white paper series

2013 March 28
Altechna presents white papers series dedicated to laser crystals. First product to be presented is Ti:Sapphire.
Titanium doped Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+) is a popular crystal, used for making ultra short pulse solid-state or wavelength tunable lasers. These crystals combine supreme thermal and optical properties with broadest lasing range among other materials. Its indefinite stability and short lifetime, in addition to lasing over entire band of 660 to 1050 nm makes Ti:sapphire lasers suitable for variety of applications spanning from material processing to time resolved and multi-photon spectroscopy.
To view full product description please download white paper.

Altechna laser products catalog 2013

Altechna laser products catalog 2013

2013 January 4
New Atechna catalog presents:

You can view our catalog online, download a PDF version or order printed version.

Altechna certified with ISO 9001

2012 October 15
UAB Altechna was presented with the ISO 9001 quality management system certification confirming that the company sells lasers, optic components and related products and services complying with the ISO 9001 standard requirements.

According to the certification company Bureau Veritas, the implementation of quality management system reveals that the management strives to provide quality goods and services oriented to the needs and requirements of the clients.

The implemented and constantly maintained management system fosters improvement and perfect management of the organization. The certified UAB Altechna quality management system confirms the fact that the company has invoked best practice international management standards and has implemented and regulated the management processes to maintain high quality goods and services.

Laser optics direct from stock

2012 September 24
Altechna has launched a new e-shop, offering a wide range of laser optics direct from stock.
You can order online from over 5000 optical components listed live and available at real time. All products will be dispatched within 1 week.

Our extensive range of laser optics includes:

  • Uncoated Laser Optics (Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Filters)
  • Coated Laser Optics (Mirrors, Wavelength Separators, AR Coated windows, Filters)
  • Polarization Optics ( Waveplates, Polarizing Cubes, Brewster Type Thin Film Polarizers, Glan and other polarizers)
  • Laser & Nonlinear Crystals ( Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4, BBO, KDP and other Crystals)

IR viewer

2012 August 23
Altechna presents new product - IR viewer, the device, which helps fast and easily observe the IR radiation, align laser beam and calibrate laser system.
The IR series infrared viewers are designed to view laser light sources, which emitting light in near infrared zone in 350-2000 nm spectral region. 
Viewers are used to observe indirect radiation of IR Light emitting diodes (LED’s), diode, dye and other laser and laser sources.
For more details about the products please visit

Altechna featured products videos

2012 June 4
Altechna has enriched product porfolio with top products demonstration videos:
  • Wavelength separators,
  • HR laser line mirrors,
  • High Power Glan Laser polarizers,
  • Polarizing cubes for high power application,
  • Yb:KGW/KYW crystals,
  • Brewster type thin film polarizers.
You may view each of them in a product description or visit company video channel.

Test laser optics at Altechna

2012 May 3
Altechna is concerned about your success in experiments and final product performance, therefore we offer following test procedures:
• Optical surface quality measurements;
• Transmittance and reflectance measurement in 190-1100 nm and 1100-20000 nm range;
• Surface flatness, wavefront distortion measurements of flat and spherical optics;
• Angle measurements for prisms, wedges and other optics;
• Non-contact ROC, Focal length measurements;
• Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) tests for wide range of laser wavelengths;
• Optical absorption tests according to ISO 11551 standard;
• Total scattering measurements;
• Custom made tests.

For measurements we apply:
• Stereo and analytical microscopes;
• Spectrophotometer;
• Interferometer;
• Goniometer;
• Spherometer;
• DPSS CW lasers (405, 532, 632,8, 1064)
• Femtosecond laser Pharos with harmonic module Hiro (Light Conversion).

For more details about Altechna metrology services visit

High Power and Crystalline quartz Waveplates

2012 April 10
Altechna present new product - High Power Waveplates. These epoxy free true zero order waveplates for high power applications withstand energy density up to >15 J/cm2. More product features:
• High damage threshold
• High extinction ratio
• Wide acceptance angle
• Wide temperature bandwidth
• Wide spectral bandwidth
• Extremely useful in UV applications.
Get to know our top waveplate product - Crystalline quartz waveplates. View our newest video. your choice for femto products

2012 January 23
Altechna presents new project FemtoSolutions dedicated only to Ultrashort pulse related products. Best solutions for the most demanding femtosecond systems are available just in one place.

Visit and select from more than 800 high quality products:
  1. Femtosecond components and services:
  • Low dispersion general optics;
  • Optics for femtosecond wavelengths;
  •  Laser and non-linear crystals.
     2. Femtosecond accessories:
  • Laser beamshapers;
  • Beam expanders;
  • Autocorrelators;
  • Visualizers;
  • Spectacles;
  • Beam dumps;
  • Pulse pickers;
  • Attenuators;
  • Harmonic generators.
For more information please contact [email protected]


Altechna sign distribution agreement with Aerotech

2012 January 20
Altechna has strengthened its links with Aerotech, signing a distribution agreement that will add Aerotech's micropositioning mechanics and motion controls to the Altechna product line.
Aerotech already works closely with Altechna R&D Ltd., branded as the Workshop of Photonics®, providing nanometre level positioning sub-systems for application customised 2D and 3D laser micromachining centres used across industry and research.
The agreement covers Aerotech's complete product range from single motion components such as linear motors and individual positioning stages through to high performance sub-assemblies and custom designed motion sub-systems. The agreement also ensures that the technical sales and support staff in Vilnius receive in-depth product training and fast track support for its customers in industry and academia.
"We are very excited with the new distribution agreement," says Tadas Lipinskas, Director of Altechna Co Ltd., "having worked with Aerotech on many important projects, integrating their micropositioning and motion controls into our laser micromachining systems, we are very confident that the range will add real value for our customers."

Source: Aerotech


New tools at

2011 December 16
New tools

Calculator for crystalline quartz and Mid-IR waveplates.This calculator allows to plot graphs of transmission and retardance over wavelength. It is a perfect tool to figure out performance differences among  ZO, LO and MO waveplates and to compare them. Start calculating:

Bigger view layout has been expanded for more convinient way to navigate and select stock items. Now you can see more options in one screen.


Need to share information with your colleagues, print out technical data, post it on social network  – use sharing tool kit:


Test your damage threshold

2011 December 13
Altechna offers various metallic and dielectric coatings made by e-beam deposition (EBD), IAD, IBS coating techniques. All new coatings are being tested for LIDT performance in metrology laboratory.

One of the biggest concern while choosing coatings from a new supplier is the LIDT value warranty which is the most important for your experiment success and final device reliability. Altechna has all necessary equipment, qualified staff experience and know-how in LIDT tests. All measurements for "1 on 1" and "S on 1" procedures are performed according to ISO standards: ISO 11254-1 and ISO 11254-2 respectively.

Following options are available:
• 1064, 532, 353 nm, 3-5 ns, 1-10 Hz
• 1030, 515, 343 nm, 200-400 fs, 1 kHz – 200 kHz

With LIDT measurement results we provide detailed test report with characteristic damage curves and damaged spot pictures:

Figure 1. Comparison of the same IBS coating LIDT values, measured with nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses.

Figure 2. Typical damage morphology: A. Energy density 0,772 J/cm2, damage after 1 pulse, t=320 fs. B. Energy density 14,5 J/cm2, damage after 15 pulses, t=3.6 ns.

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Altechna rewarded in Knowledge Economy Company 2011 awards

2011 November 28
Today President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė awarded winners of Knowledge Economy Company 2011 awards.
Altechna was acknowledged as the most advanced high-tech company for exemplary laser technology business and scientific co-operation, promising product development and export. In 2010 Altechna developed a laser system for solar cell production "Sollas", which unique laser processing technology reduces solar cell production costs and increase solar cell efficiency.
This year in the eighth Knowledge Economy Company rewards 71 companies competed in elections.


Workshop of Photonics

New Daughter Company

2011 October 17
Altechna Co. Ltd. has separated its R&D department into a separate legal entity – Altechna R&D Ltd., 100 % owned by Altechna Co. Ltd. This mature decision was made seeking to establish an independent company for commercialization of in-house developments, utilizing its own and partners‘ intellectual property.

Key areas of practice:
  • Femtosecond laser micromachining;
  • Tools and parts for laser machining systems;
  • DPSS micro lasers and control electronics;
  • Laser system control software.

Having a wide range of products and technologies, the company intends to launch a 589 nm laser, several solutions for laser control electronics and new releases of 3D laser system control/automation software packages – all within next year.
The new company operates under the trademark Workshop of Photonics, while the legal name is Altechna R&D Ltd. showing relation to the parent company.

Altechna awarded in Swedish Business Awards

2011 October 12
In "Swedish Business Awards 2011" Altechna company group received Most Sustainable Growth award.
Altechna was granted with this ward for its good financial results, increasing the number of employees and participation in the international market. By developing laser technology based environmentally friendly solar panel production Altechna promotes scientific and business cooperation.
In 2008 Altechna has started research and development in solar energy sector and by now has developed a unique femtosecond laser technology for efficient and environment friendly solar cell production. In 2010 as a result the first industrial-research laser workstation for c-Si solar cells SOLLAS was designed.

Z Polarizer

S-waveplate: a Unique Converter Presents New Advantages

2011 August 2
Workshop of Photonics (WOP) together with prof. Peter G. Kazansky’s group from Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton developed a direct laser writing technique for the production of radial polarization converters also known as S polarizers.

Such radial polarizers would be mainly applied at laser machining, microscopy, optical tweezers as well as Raman spectroscopy systems. Our S polarizers have distinguishing features: they are resistant against high-power laser radiation due to monolithic fused silica window design; anti-reflection (AR) coatings can be applied; and a single element is used both for polarization conversion and generation of higher topological charge optical vortices.

Fig.1 An optical vortex generated using a S polarizer.

WOP's and ORC's laboratories expect to prove significant advantages of S polarizers in laser micromachining, such as decreased spot size and uniformity of light-material interaction regardless of machining direction.

Fig.2 View through polarizing microscope with different polarization orientations

Being a commercialization partner Workshop of Photonics is also looking for integrators and end-users in the fields of laser machining, microscopy and optical tweezers. Testing units are already available, while small scale production of the S polarizer devices is planned for the middle of autumn. Custom development of machining heads and optical assemblies incorporating radial polarizers is possible upon request.

The University of Southampton has already applied for a patent application and has appointed Altechna R&D Ltd. an exclusive commercialization partner.

WOP team

Altechna is the winner of the German Business Award

2011 May 30
The German Business Award in Lithuania 2011 focused on “responsibility for the future” and was conferred to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania that have active business relations with Germany.
Altechna convinced the jury with its leading technologies and its exemplary mixture of young and experienced employees. The company from the photonic and laser sector has its own research and development centre named Workshop of Photonics. Within its 15 years in business the enterprise has been gaining an excellent reputation in international photonic and laser business. The company is exporting to more than 40 countries in the world – with the export contributing 81% to the total turnover. Germany is the third most important export destination with about 300 customers. Altechna also works closely with German enterprises and institutions in the development processes.
Other criteria in favour of Altechna include its extensive social activities and commitment. The company strives for a continuous improvement of its workforce by offering vocational training and education. In times of increasing emigration from Lithuania the company puts great emphasis on providing young people with a perspective in their home country. Employees are receiving comprehensive training options and students are offered flexible working times and internships. The model close cooperation between the academic field and the company also shows in the close cooperation between Altechna and the University of Vilnius and the support provided by the enterprise for the activities of the Department of Physics.



Altechna - member of Baltic Photonic cluster

2011 April 14
On 7th April 2011 Altechna joined Baltic Photonics Cluster and with nine other Baltic partners signed an agreement in Tallinn.
Baltic Photonics Cluster (BPC) is a voluntary association of stakeholders in the field of photonics in the Baltic countries, primarily industrial enterprises and research institutions working at the industrial-scientific interface.
BPC acts in coordination with European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) and European Technology platform PHOTONICS21. BPC activities are dedicated to facilitation of photonics research and industrial activities, also promoting photonics related education, basic and applied research, development, manufacturing and application in Baltic countries.


Altechna presents new product catalog

2011 March 15
In new catalog you will be able to choose various laser technology products reaching 3000 units. You can view our catalog online, download a PDF version or order printed version by sending a request to [email protected]

Altechna 15

Altechna celebrates 15th anniversary

2011 March 7
15 years ago Altechna emerged from Lithuanian laser science community as a laser component trade company. In 15 years, Altechna has grown to the laser technology company offering diverse laser optics and photonic R&D solutions worldwide.

We celebrate collaboration with our loyal partners and customers who have contributed to our experience and achievements through all company history. We look forward working with you, delivering products and services that meet your needs today and for years to come.

We invite you to join us in celebration of our 15 years commitment to continued partnership.

Discover alternative solutions with Altechna.

Altechna team 

Only LDD

New product - laser diode driver

2011 February 14
Our latest development in the laser driver product line - the Only LDD laser diode controller is now in production. Only features continuous wave and pulsed operation modes based on integrated quartz based pulse generator. Incorporating plenty other features, Only is well established among the whole laser electronics product portfolio of WOP.

Workshop of Photonics' electronics design provides compact and efficient laser diode and TEC (Peltier) controllers for laser producers and scientists. The new laser driver product family features the best power and function density on the photonics market. Our products range from low power (10Amp) laser diode drivers to mid power (15-30A) combined LD and TEC controllers.

The product portfolio consists of TINY, ONLY, and MIGHTY models with end-user and OEM versions. Microcontroller based design allows price reduction, making these precision drivers an affordable option both for laser development and production stages.

  • Tiny incorporates 10Amps laser diode driver and 2 uni-directional (1 bi-directional) TEC controllers
  • Only incorporates continuos 12Amps or pulsed 15Amps operation laser diode driver, pointer and FAN controller
  • Mighty incoprorates 3x15A outputs for LD and TEC  

and Tiny controllers are already in production. The launch of Mighty model is planned for end of April, 2011. Integrators are welcome to request a testing unit or free 6-week trial period. For more information please visit


Altechna started 2011 in new laboratories

2011 January 11
Altechna R&D brand, known as "Workshop of Photonics”, opened the door to new premises near the headquarters at Konstitucijos avenue 23B. New laboratories are equipped for metrology research and production of laser series.

The metrology laboratory provides high level integrated research services for measuring optical components quality parameters to ensure our customers withthe best quality products. We are also planning to install a number of different wavelength laser sources, which will allow more extensive qualitative analysis.

Another micromanufacturing laboratory will carry out laser design development and assembly works. This laboratory is equipped according to all clean room requirements. Also the fume hood is installed to improve for preparative work such as optics cleaning, sizing, and other. From now on ‘Workshop of Photonics’ is able construct laser systems, complex opto-mechanical components and pursue small scale production without stopping the research activities.


Innovation award for Altechna

2010 December 9

In national contest “Innovation prize 2010” Altechna received “Innovation product” award fo sollar cell processing workstation SOLLAS. It is an industrial-research laser machine for c-Si solar cells. Equipped with cutting edge duet - femtosecond UV laser and nanosecond IR laser, Sollas is a multi-tasking system, designed for industrial-research or up to 3 MW/a capacity pilot manufacturing lines. Main advantages of this femtosecond laser are precision in ablation process due to selective absorption and minimal heat affected zone.

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New Altechna online shop

2010 December 1
Altechna present new online shop
Here we provide new look design and user friendly tools to save
your time and make shopping simple.

From now on you are able to choose different products from all
our catalogue, reaching 3000 units.

Visit our website and find out more information about our products, news and proposals.

Altechna team

Altechna products at FindLight

1970 January 1

Altechna has recently joined FindLight –a search-engine and a catalog of photonics products. Its industry specific technical filters allow specialists search find and learn about the products they need within seconds.

At platform you may find Altechna‘s laser related components and solutions for laser manufacturers, industrial clients and R&D labratories.


Office closed on 10-11 December

1970 January 1
Dear Customers,

Please note that Altechna will be closed on 10 and 11 December due to annual maintenance. We will resume regular business hours on Monday, December 14.

During the period of closure it will be possible to order laser products online at or

Should you have any concern, feel free to email or call us prior the closure for customer assistance.


Altechna team

Tradeshows and events

SPIE Photonics West 2018

SPIE Photonics West 2018

2018, 30 January - 1 February
The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA
The Photonics West exhibition is the flagship event for the photonics industry.

Altechna will participate in the premier photonics and laser event, our booth # 5454. Looking forward to the upcoming event!


Advanced Solid State Lasers (ASSL)

2017, October 2-5
Convention Center Nagoya, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Latest technological advances, applications for laser technologies for industrial markets.


The 2017 OSA Laser Congress offers a comprehensive view of the latest technological advances in solid state lasers as well as the applications of laser technologies for industrial products and markets. The conference features an extensive exhibition comprised of a global audience of laser leaders and a comprehensive, peer-reviewed technical program.

Market-focused sessions and presentations describe needed technological and engineering advances required to translate these laser technologies into commercial products.

Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference (ASSL) highlights new sources, advanced technologies, components and system design to improve the operation and application of solid state lasers.  The meeting focuses on materials and sources.

Laser Applications Conference (LAC) focuses on materials processing and applications for high power lasers.


Laser World of Photonics Munich 2017

Laser World of Photonics Munich 2017

2017, June 26-29
Messe Munchen EXPO center, Munich, Germany
Combines technology with industrial application sectors for the widest variety of industries and uses.

Already 4 years in a row, Altechna is participating in one of the biggest photonics exhibitions in Europe - LASER World of PHOTONICS'17 in Munich during 26-29 June. It's the perfect place for You to learn about the optical technologies, applications of laser-related optical components and systems.

If you want to arrange a scheduled meeting and discuss options of the custom laser optics, please contact Darius Silinkis - [email protected]

Altechna - reliable supplier of custom laser optics. Hall B3 booth 403B.

Laser World of Photonics China 2017

Laser World of Photonics China 2017

14-16 March, 2017
Shanghai New International EXPO Centre, Shanghai, China
Asia’s leading photonics exhibition

Asia's leading photonics exhibition LASER World of PHOTONICS China 2017 is just one month away! It will be held in Shanghai New International EXPO Centre, Shanghai, China, during 14-16 of March. Altechna's experts will be at your convenience to consult and introduce the latest trends of laser crystals, laser optics and laser accessories.

Do not hesitate to arrange a scheduled meeting in advance: [email protected]


Explore your Custom Optics opportunities with Altechna, visit us at Booth N1.1408.



2017, 28 February - 3 March
Expocentre, Krasnaya Presnia, Russia
International Specialized Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies

Altechna together with IC Specpostavka participates in the 12th International specialized exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies - “PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS'2017”. The exhibition will be held at “Expocentre” at Krasnaya Presnia exhibition complex in Moscow from 28th of February till 3rd of March, 2017. Please visit us at Booth #74S10, pav.7, hall 3.

For more details please visit official exhibition website.

Event archive