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varna Adjustable range of scanning field size from 100mmX100mm to 2000mmX2000mm;
varna Achieve smaller focused spot size compared to the pre-object scanning systems;
varna Enhanced uniformity of the focused spot size from the center to the edge of the scanning field.

Part No.Wavelength Scan area(mm*mm) D Input Beam(mm) WD Spot Size(um)
3D-10.6-2000*2000-9 10.6um100*100-2000*2000 93.45-165.99 9.0 137.4-2747.5 140-1440
3D-10.6-500*500-8 10.6um 500*500 97.4198.0 700.0 240
3D-10.6-800*800-15 10.6um 300*300-800*800 98.91-114.46 15.0582.8-1554.2 210-500
3D-1064-1000*1000-4 1064nm 100*100-1000*1000 91.637 4.0 609.0 110
3D-355-1000*1000-0.6 355nm 1000*1000 110 0.61300.0 200

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