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Co:Spinel (Co:MgAl2O4) Crystals

Co:Spinel (Co:MgAl2O4) Crystals
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Dimensional tolerances +0/-0.1 mm
Absorption cross section 3.5×10^-19 cm2 @ 1540 nm
Surface quality 10-5 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism error <10 arcsec
Perpendicularity <10 arcmin
Protective chamfers <0.1 mm x 45°
AR coatings reflectivity <0.2 % @ 1540 nm
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Co2+:MgAl2O4 (or Co:Spinel) is a relatively new material for saturable absorber passive Q-switching in lasers emitting from 1.2 to 1.6 microns, in particular, for eye-safe 1.54 μm Er:glass laser.High absorption cross section of 3.5 x 10-19 cm2 permits Q-switching of Er:glass laser.High absorption cross section of 3.5 x 10-19 cm2 permits Q-switching of Er:glass laser without intracavity focusing both with flash lamp and diode-laser pumping. Negligible excited-state absorption results in high contrast of Q-switch, i.e. the ratio of initial (small signal) to saturated absorption is higher than 10. Finally, excellent optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of the crystal give an opportunity to design compact and reliable laser sources with this passive Q-switch.

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Coatings Dimensions, mm Initial transmision @1540nm Delivery Product ID Price Action
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=70% Request 3-COSP-70-05 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=70% Request 3-COSP-70-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=80% Request 3-COSP-80-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=85% Request 3-COSP-85-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=85% Request 3-COSP-85-55 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=90% Request 3-COSP-90-05 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=90% Request 3-COSP-90-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=95% Request 3-COSP-95-05 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=95% Request 3-COSP-95-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=95% Request 3-COSP-95-55 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=97% Request 3-COSP-97-05 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=97% Request 3-COSP-97-33 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=97% Request 3-COSP-97-55 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=30% Request 3-COSP-30-33 637 $
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=40% Request 3-COSP-40-33 637 $
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=50% Request 3-COSP-50-33 637 $
AR/[email protected] 3x3 T0=60% Request 3-COSP-60-33 637 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=70% Request 3-COSP-70-55 684 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=80% Request 3-COSP-80-55 684 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=90% Request 3-COSP-90-55 684 $
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=30% Request 3-COSP-30-05 741 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=30% Request 3-COSP-30-55 741 $
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=40% Request 3-COSP-40-05 741 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=40% Request 3-COSP-40-55 741 $
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=50% Request 3-COSP-50-05 741 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=50% Request 3-COSP-50-55 741 $
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=60% Request 3-COSP-60-05 741 $
AR/[email protected] 5x5 T0=60% Request 3-COSP-60-55 741 $
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=80% Request 3-COSP-80-05 Request REQ
AR/[email protected] Ø5 T0=85% Request 3-COSP-85-05 Request REQ


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