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varna Easy to align and operate
varna Background - free measurement of a pulse duration from single-shot
varna Measurement of the non reproducible ultrashort light pulses
varna Measurement of pulse duration in a wide spectral range
varna Pulse chirp measurement from a single-shot
varna Estimation of the chirp pulse compressor adjustment from single-shot
varna Fully compatible with a photodiode array for automatic SH beam pattern recording
varna Cheap in comparison with a streak camera

High-Speed Photodetector

ModelWavelength range, nmMaterialsDiameter, mmBandwidth, GHzRise and fall time, psAfterpulse ringing (% of maximum)Dimensions, mm
6-HSP-V2320 - 1100Si0.4 mm~2 <120<825 x 25 x 38
6-HSP-IR6 900 - 1650InGaAs 80>5 <70 <2025 x 25 x 38
6-ALT-FD- 47p400 - 1100Si250 um1.2 47/ 246-Call Us
6-ALT-FD-180p800-1600InGaAs--180 -Call Us

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