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Yb:LiYF4 Crystals

Yb:LiYF4 Crystals
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Crystal structure Tetragonal
Point group I41/a
Lattice parameters а = 5,164 Å, c = 10,741 Å
Thermal expansion 4×10-6 / ºC
Thermal conductivity 4,3–6 W/mK
Density 3,95 g/cm³
Mohs' hardness 5
Melting temperature 825 ºC
Transmission range 0.2-5 μm
Refractive indices (λ=1.06 μm) no = 1,448, ne = 1,470
dno/dT -2,0×10-6 / ºK
dne/dT -4,1×10-6 / ºK
Fluorescence lifetime 2.1 ms
Emission cross section 7.5x10-21 cm² @1017nm, E//c
Emission bandwidth 60 nm
Absorption cross section 10.6x10-21 cm² @959 nm, E//c
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The Yb-doped material has the highest quantum efficiency (>90%) among commercial laser materials. Yb:LiYF4 (Yb:YLF) have wider emission spectra than Yb:YAG, which is necessary for the generation and amplification of ultrashort pulses. A YLF host crystal has higher thermal conductivity than glass, resulting in negligible lower thermal lensing. The YLF crystal also has the capability of a high degree of doping with ytterbium ions.

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