Waveplates (phase retardation plates)

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High Energy Waveplates

High Energy Waveplates
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Material Crystalline quartz or MgF2
Diameter tolerance +0/-0.2 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.2 mm
Surface quality 20-10 S-D
Retardation tolerance λ/300 @ 20 °C
Wavefront distortion <λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Acceptance angle 11.37°
Parallelism error <3 arcsec
Coatings AR (R<0.2 %) on each surface
Laser damage threshold >20 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm
Mounting Mounted in Ø25.4x6 mm black anodized metal mount
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Epoxy free waveplates for high energy applications withstand energy density up to >20 J/cm2 @ 1064nm for 10ns pulses with 10 Hz pulse repetition rate. Unique design minimizes adjustment sensitivity because of wide acceptance angle. Since usage temperature bandwidth is more than 200 K, waveplate can be used in hazardous conditions with no additional losses. Waveplate order depends on design wavelength and retardation.
varna High damage threshold
varna High extinction ratio
varna Wide acceptance angle
varna Wide temperature bandwidth
varna Wide spectral bandwidth
varna Extremely useful in UV applications

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Clear aperture, mm Retardation Wavelength, nm Waveplate order Delivery Product ID Price Action
>18 λ/2 589 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0589 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 940 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0940 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 589 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0589 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 940 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0940 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 980 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0980 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 532 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0532 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 343 3rd Request 2-CPW-TTO-L4-0343 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 355 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0355 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 980 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0980 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 780 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0780 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 515 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0515 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 1030 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-1030 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 532 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0532 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 400 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0400 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 515 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0515 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 800 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-0800 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 1550 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1550 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 780 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0780 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 800 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-0800 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 266 4th Request 2-CPW-T4O-L4-0266 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 266 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L2-0266 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 400 2nd Request 2-CPW-TSO-L4-0400 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 1064 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1064 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 343 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0343 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 1550 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L4-1550 Request REQ
>18 λ/4 1064 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L4-1064 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 355 1st Request 2-CPW-TFO-L2-0355 Request REQ
>18 λ/2 1030 0 Request 2-CPW-TZO-L2-1030 Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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