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8MID40-70 - Motorized Iris Diaphragm

8MID40-70 - Motorized Iris Diaphragm
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Closing speed (min to max) 2 seconds
Stepper motor/gear 50:1
Limit switch 2 mechanical
Switch polarity
pushed is closed
Recommended controllers 8SMC1-USBhF 8SMC3-RS232
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8MID40-70 Motorized Iris Diaphragm Mount was developed due to interest in our previously presented motorized iris 8MID98-4. Motorized Iris Diaphragm is designed for our small diaphragm family. Unfortunately it is impossible to interchange iris diaphragms at home since every diaphramg has its own adapter ring and requires calibration.

Temperature limits:
AR - leaves with AR coating, for temperatures up to 180 °C
N - springsteel, black finished, for temperatures up to 250 °C
H - stainless steel, for temperatures up to 400 °C


ModelDiaphragm used Max. aperture, mmMin. aperture, mm Resolution, steps per mm
8MID30-1.5-H 10IBS43-30-1.5-H 30 1,5 70
8MID30-1.5-N 10IBS43-30-1.5-N 30 1,5 70
8MID34-2-AR 10IBS49-34-2-AR 34 2 62
8MID34-2-H 10IBS49-34-2-H 34 2 62
8MID36-2.5-N 10IBS50-36-2.5-N 36 2,5 60
8MID37-2.5-N 10IBS53-37-2.5-N 37 2,5 58
8MID40-2.5-N 10IBS60-40-2.5-N 40 2,5 53
8MID42-2.5-N 10IBS58-42-2.5-N 42 2,5 51
8MID45-2.5-H 10IBS64-45-2.5-H 45 2,5 47
8MID45-2.5-N 10IBS64-45-2.5-N 45 2,5 47

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