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Vacuum series 8 - Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages

Vacuum series 8 - Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages
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Many applications require vacuum compatible stages. Altechna offers motorized stages equipped with 10-6 Torr vacuum compatible stepper motor, all mechanical parts are lubricated with High vacuum compatible grease. Aluminum parts are not anodized. Stages are cleaned in vacuum chamber and packed before dispatch, so that it can be immediately placed in vacuum chamber after purchase without spoiling the vacuum. Cleaning and packing not included in price. We can equip stages with vacuum compatible DC motor on request.

All Altechna vacuum stages listed here are compatible with 10-6 Torr vacuum.

Vacuum compatible products with stepper motors require voltage 24V-36V. Recommended power supplies are GS60A24-P1J, EA1050D-240 and PUP120-17-B1.







8MG99V-80 / 8MG00V-80