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Variable Laser Beam Expanders

Variable Laser Beam Expanders
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Lens material UVFS
Transmitted wavefront distortion λ/4 p-v @ 632 nm
Overall transmission 97 %
Laser induced damage threshold >5 J/cm2 10 Hz, 10 ns, 1064 nm
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Tunable beam expander is Galilean type telescope, which allows compact design which is reasonable for industrial environment. Employed lenses are air spaced, thus expanders are suitable for high power applications. Altechna offers three different type beam expanders, each type is designed for specific application: 
  • For Nd:YAG lasers 
  • For Femtosecond lasers 
  • For two wavelengths (e.g. High power beam + guiding beam, or fundamental + harmonic).
Standard beam expanders are designed for four most popular lasers: Nd:YAG; Ti:Sapphire; Yb:KGW and Yb:YAG, but custom wavelengths are available.

varna Expansion ratios 1.5x-5x; 5x-8x; 2x-8x
varna High laser induced damage threshold
varna Transmission better than 97% even for two wavelengths
varna Fixed-length design option

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Expansion Input aperture, mm Exit aperture,mm Housing diameter, mm Wavelength, nm Housing length, mm Delivery Product ID Price Action
2X - 8X 11 22 41 1020-1070 147.3 Request 6-BE-Tx2-8-1064 Request REQ
2X - 8X 11 22 41 515-532 147.3 Request 6-BE-Tx2-8-0532 Request REQ
2X - 8X 11 22 41 343-355 147.3 Request 6-BE-Tx2-8-0355 Request REQ
1X - 4X 11 22 33 343-355 107.3 - 122 Request 6-BE-Tx1-4-0355 Request REQ
1X - 4X 11 22 33 515-532 107.3 - 122 Request 6-BE-Tx1-4-0532 Request REQ
1X - 4X 11 22 33 1020-1070 107.3 - 122 Request 6-BE-Tx1-4-1064 Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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