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varna '2 in 1' flexibility (897 and 888 model types) - EMCCD for ultra-sensitivity at speed, conventional CCD for longer acquisitions. CCD mode now with ultra-low 3 e- noise (iXon Ultra 897) Edit Remove
varna Count Convert - Quantitatively capture and view data in electrons or incident photons. Applied either in real time or post-processing, Count Convert does this important conversion for you. Edit Remove
varna Crop Mode - Specialized acquisition mode for continuous imaging with fastest possible frame rate from ROI. ‘Optically Centred’ in iXon Ultra, ideal for super-resolution microscopy (e.g. 569 fps from 128 x 128 ROI). Edit Remove
varna Direct Data Access (iXon Ultra) - Unique Camera Link output port to facilitate direct access to raw data for on the fly processing, ideal for applications such as adaptive optics. Edit Remove
varna EMCAL™ - Patented user-initiated self-recalibration of EM Gain. Edit Remove
varna Enhanced Photon Counting Modes - Intuitive single photon counting modes to overcome multiplicative noise. Real time or post-processing. Edit Remove
varna EX2 Technology - Extended QE response, beyond standard back-illuminated. Edit Remove
varna Fastest Frame Rates Available - iXon Ultra delivers >60% faster frame rates than closest competitors. Edit Remove
varna Fringe Suppression Technology - Reduced etalonging in NIR. Edit Remove
varna iCam - Unique innovation that empowers the iXon to operate with market-leading acquisition efficiency through 3rd party live cell microscopy software. Edit Remove
varna Market leading TE cooling to -100 °C - Critical for elimination of darkcurrent detection limit. Edit Remove
varna Minimal Clock-Induced Charge - Unique pixel clocking parameters, yielding minimized spurious noise floor. Edit Remove
varna OptAcquire™ - Optimize the highly flexible iXon for different application requirements at the click of a button. Edit Remove
varna RealGain™ - Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale. Edit Remove
varna Spurious Noise Filter - Intelligent algorithms to filter clock induced charge events from the background. Real time or post-processing. Edit Remove
varna Superior EM Quantitative Stability and Baseline Clamp - Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements, effective even with new iXon Ultra 17MHz readout speed. Edit Remove
varna UltraVac™ - Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year. 7 year vacuum warranty. Edit Remove
varna USB 2.0 (iXon Ultra) - True universal 'plug and play' interface to PC.

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