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Neo and Zyla sCMOS Cameras

Neo and Zyla sCMOS Cameras
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Active Pixels 2560 x 2160
Pixel Size 6.5 x 6.5 μm;
TE cooling Up to -40°C
Frame Rate Up to 100 full frame per second
Read noise 1e-
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Neo and Zyla sCMOS 

Imaging without compromise 

Unlike any CCD or CMOS camera to come before, Andor's 5.5 megapixel sCMOS cameras are unique in their ability to combine ultra-low noise, extremely rapid frame rates, wide dynamic range, large field of view and high-resolution. The Andor sCMOS portfolio ensures a viable technical and commercial solution to all research and OEM application and design requiremnents.

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varna Rolling and Global (Snapshot) shutter - Maximum exposure and readout flexibility across all applications. Snapshot for 'interline CCD mode' freeze frame capture of fast moving/changing events.
varna Down to 1 e- read noise - Offers lower detection limit than any CCD.
varna 100 fps - Zyla offers '10-tap' Camera Link for maximum sustained frame rates. Burst to 4GB on-head memory on Neo.
varna 5.5 megapixel sensor format and 6.5 μm pixels - Delivers extremely sharp resolution over a 22 mm diagonal field of view; ideal for cell microscopy and astronomy.
varna Dual-Gain Amplifiers - Maximum well depth and lowest noise simultaneously, affording extended dynamic range of up to 30,000:1.
varna TE cooled - Neo offers vacuum cooling to -40 0C for lowest possible noise. Zyla offers 0 °C cooling in up to 35 °C ambient.
varna Extensive FPGA on-head data processing - Essential to ensure best image quality and quantitative fidelity from sCMOS technology.
varna Hardware Timestamp - FPGA generated timestamp with 25ns accuracy.
varna Dynamic Baseline Clamp - Essential to ensure quantitative accuracy across the image area and between successive images of a kinetic series.
varna Spurious Noise Filter - Real time FPGA filter that identifies and compensates for spurious high noise pixels.
varna Data flow monitor - Data flow monitor.
varna iCam - Market leading exposure switching with minimal overheads.
varna Comprehensive trigger modes and I/O - Communication and synchronization within intricate experimental set-ups.
varna Cameralink - Cameralink interface permits high bandwidth data spooling to PC, allowing fast continuous kinetic series.

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