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varna USB 2.0 connectivity - Industry-standard plug-and-play, lockable and rugged interface Seamless multi-camera control from single PC or laptop.
varna Multi-MHz Readout speeds - Rapid image capture for fast transition phenomena analysis
varna Integrated Digital Delay Generator - With comprehensive software controls
varna Close-Coupled Gating - < 2 ns true optical gating speeds - ultimate temporal resolution
varna Lowest insertion delay - As low as 19 ns
varna Fibre-optic coupling - High optical throughput without vignetting
varna IntelliGate™ - MCP gating for On/Off ratios >108 in the UV
varna Photocathode gating rate up to 500 kHz - Increased Signal to Noise ratio for high speed laser-based experiments
varna Cropped sensor mode - Specialised acquisition mode to achieve fastest image acquisition rate
varna High resolution Gen 2 and 3 intensifiers - Highest available intensifier resolution with QE > 50% and sensitivity options from 120 nm to 1,100 nm
varna Thermo-Electric cooling down to -40°C - Ideal for low-light applications
varna Real-time control - Intuitive Windows user interface for real-time acquisition optimization
varna Photocathode dry gas purge port - Provides further EBI reduction for low-light applications

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