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iDus Spectroscopy Cameras

iDus Spectroscopy Cameras
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Active Pixels 1024 x 127; 1024 x 255; 2000 x 256
Pixel Size 15 x 15 μm; 26 x 26 μm
TE cooling Up to -100°C
Max Spectra per Second Up to 88 (10 rows crop mode)
Dark current As low as 0.0006 e-/pixel/sec
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iDus Spectroscopy CCD

The World's Most Compact and Reliable Spectroscopy CCD 

As Andor has pioneered vacuum CCD technology over many years, we have thousands of detectors in the field, more than anyone else. These economies of scale now enable us to provide more affordable technology in the form of the iDus spectroscopy CCD detector.

Technology markets evolve and we all expect to get more for our money. The Andor iDus leads the way, delivering performance that was once the preserve of high-end spectroscopy.

This iDus spectroscopy ccd was designed with the lowest noise to provide an ultra sensitive and high dynamic range detector for use in a wide range of both conventional and demanding spectroscopic applications such as fluorescence, raman, absorption / transmission / reflection and atomic emission. The iDus is offered with a wide range of different format sensors to optimize the detector for your specific application.

For more information, please visit manufacturer website, or contact sales manager
varna Peak QE of 95% - High detector sensitivity
varna TE cooling to -100°C - Negligible dark current without the inconvenience of LN2
varna UltraVac™ - Permanent vacuum integrity, critical for deep cooling
varna Single window design Delivers maximum photon throughout
varna 26 x 26 μm pixel size - Optimized pixel size for high dynamic range and resolution.
varna Simple USB 2.0 connection - USB plug and play – no controller box. Inputs & Outputs: External Trigger, Fire and Shutter TTL readily accessible. I2C for the more adventurous user
varna Software selectable Pre-Amplifier Gain - Offers best choice for noise and dynamic range

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