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varna EMCCD Technology - Ultimate in sensitivity from EMCCD gain. Even single photons are amplified above the noise. Full QE of the sensor is harnessed.
varna Megapixel sensor - High resolution over a large field of view.
varna RealGain™ - Linear and quantitative EM gain scale. The EM gain you ask for is the gain you get!
varna iCam - Unique innovation that empowers the EMCCD to operate with market-leading acquisition efficiency through live cell microscopy software.
varna Small pixel size - 8 x 8 µm pixels for fine resolution in microscopy.
varna Application Flexibility - Operate ‘gain off’ for conventional CCD operation under brighter conditions - apply EM gain when the photons become scarce!
varna Baseline Clamp - Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements.
varna Rapid frame rates - Follow dynamic low-light processes at rapid frame rates. Full sub-array and binning flexibility.
varna USB 2.0 - Universal ‘Plug and play’ connectivity.
varna Visual Acquisition - Follow events in real time during data acquisition.
varna Auto Dynamic Range - Pre-amplifier gains are automatically tuned to enable maximum dynamic range with EM gain on or off.
varna Fan Control - Turn off fan for zero vibration during acquisition periods of up to several minutes! Ideal for combined optical/AFM set-ups.
varna Extremely compact - The most compact scientific digital EMCCD on the market. ‘Extreme-compact’ OEM version available also.
varna Multiple camera - Operate multiple Luca cameras, synchronized in parallel.

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