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Clara Interline CCD Series

Clara Interline CCD Series
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Active Pixels 1392 x 1040
Pixel Size 6.45 x 6.45 μm;
TE cooling Up to - 55°C
Frame Rate Up to 11 full frame per second
Read noise 2.4 e-
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Clara Interline CCD Camera

Pushing Interline Further

Andor's expertise in scientific performance optimization has been harnessed once again. Clara has been designed to deliver the highest sensitivity performance achievable from an interline CCD camera 

Based around the popular ICX285 sensor from Sony®, the Clara interline CCD is ideally suited to high-resolution cell microscopy and OEM applications. Andor's proven UltraVac™ process, alongside close attention to thermal management, has resulted in deep air cooling to -55°C for elimination of darkcurrent, complementing a unique read noise of 2.4e- @ 1 MHz. 

More dynamic events can be followed with outstanding quantitative stability via low noise 10 or 20 MHz readout modes, the data channeled through a trouble free USB 2.0 interface. Andor's iCam technology enables market-leading acquisition efficiency through live cell microscopy softwares. The compact, robust design and accessible SDK, renders Clara interline CCD camera ideally suited to OEM integration.

For more information, please visit manufacturer website, or contact sales manager
varna Ultra-low noise floor - Proprietary noise-reduction technique delivers an unprecedented 3e- read noise @ 1MHz
varna Deep TE cooling to -55 °C - Elimination of darkcurrent from noise floor
varna -40 °C ‘vibration free’ mode - Excellent Thermal Management offering passive (fan–off) cooling to a stable -40 °C for vibration free operation
varna UltraVac™ - Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year
varna Rapid Frame Rate - 11.6 frames/sec @ 20 MHz readout speed
varna High Resolution - 1.3 megapixel sensor format and 6.45μm pixels
varna High Dynamic Range - 6000:1 standard dynamic range at 1MHz, higher when binned
varna 16-bit & 14-bit digitization - 16-bit facilitating low noise / high dynamic range performance at slower speeds
varna Enhanced Baseline Clamp - Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements
varna iCam - Unique innovation that empowers the Clara to operate with market-leading acquisition efficiency through live cell microscopy software
varna Visual Acquisition - Follow events in real time during data acquisition
varna USB 2.0 - Direct ‘Plug and Play’ connectivity
varna OEM friendly - Compact and robust, vacuum longevity, easily accessible SDK, Andor integration support
varna Comprehensive and Flexible Inputs/Outputs - Synchronization within intricate experimental set-ups

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