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Multi-Wavelength Imaging

Multi-Wavelength Imaging
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The TuCam, a new generation two-camera adaptor, for both macro and microscopic applications can be configured for simultaneous imaging from two similar cameras or as a switch between camera models with different imaging capabilities. It is compatible with Andor’s complete range of market leading low light imaging cameras including iXon Ultra and Luca EMCCDs, Clara Interline CCD and the Neo and Zyla sCMOS cameras, as well as any detector from a third party supplier. It is an easy to integrate solution for any laboratory or multi-user imaging facility and extremely user friendly.

The TuCam is an “off-the-shelf” solution and does not need to be integrated into any software. Having the largest aperture on the market means that a wide range of sensors from very small to very large can be used effortlessly with the TuCam.

Optosplit II

A second option is the Optosplit II. This is a simple device enabling a single camera to record images simultaneously at two optically different wavelengths. It is an inexpensive method to perform multi wavelength applications with one camera sensor. The Optosplit II will work with a wide range of imaging cameras.

Both devices can be added seamlessly to your microscope and will benefit your lab or research facility by providing more options and flexibility for the researcher.

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varna Largest aperture - Unique 22 mm aperture for large format sensors e.g. sCMOS
varna High Quality achromatic lenses - Image from 425 - 700 nm with minimal adjustment
varna Highest transmission - > 96% @ 425 - 700 nm
varna Very low distortion - < 0.5%
varna Bypass mode - Dovetail mount for precise insertion, exchange and bypass of optical elements
varna Robust, compact & accurate - Rigid structure provides optical and mechanical stability
varna Convenient user adjustment - User-controls for focus adjustment and 2-axis cassette alignment are accessed via the front porch
varna C-mount and CSU versions - Couple directly to filter wheels, microscopes, C-lenses and spinning disk confocal scanners
varna Various magnifications - Adapt cameras to CSU aperture or control effective pixel size

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