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varna Largest aperture - Unique 22 mm aperture for large format sensors e.g. sCMOS
varna High Quality achromatic lenses - Image from 425 - 700 nm with minimal adjustment
varna Highest transmission - > 96% @ 425 - 700 nm
varna Very low distortion - < 0.5%
varna Bypass mode - Dovetail mount for precise insertion, exchange and bypass of optical elements
varna Robust, compact & accurate - Rigid structure provides optical and mechanical stability
varna Convenient user adjustment - User-controls for focus adjustment and 2-axis cassette alignment are accessed via the front porch
varna C-mount and CSU versions - Couple directly to filter wheels, microscopes, C-lenses and spinning disk confocal scanners
varna Various magnifications - Adapt cameras to CSU aperture or control effective pixel size

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