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varna Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detector & spectrograph - Motorized, individually factory-calibrated systems – out-of-the-box operation and seamless integration to experimental set-ups
varna USB 2.0 interface - Plug and play connectivity, ideal for laptop operation alongside Andor USB cameras
varna Motorized, indexed triple grating turret - Easily upgreadable in-the-field
varna Dual detector outputs - For extended wavelength coverage when combining Andor UV-Visible CCD and InGaAs cameras. Compatible with Andor’s range of CCD, ICCD & EMCCD cameras
varna Wide range of accessories available
varna Silver-protected coated optics options - Most efficient for Near-Infrared detection when used in conjunction with Andor InGaAs cameras and single point detectors InGaAs, PbS, InSb & MCT

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