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Software for Spectroscopy

Software for Spectroscopy
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Software for Imaging, Spectroscopy and Time-Resolved

This comprehensive Imaging, Time-Resolved and Spectroscopy software package has an extensive built-in programming language, AndorBasic, which has been specially designed to simplify even the most complex operations. For example, two images can be added and stored in a new data store by simply typing #3 = #1 + #2. Easy!

As Andor Basic can be used to program image acquisitions, automate file storage, communicate with external devices and manipulate data, you can build macros to automate your experiment.

Andor Solis (Imaging and Spectroscopy software solution) is Andor's camera control and analysis software platform, with versions specifically designed to run imaging, spectroscopy, time resolved cameras and associated accessories. It is easy to install and provides "state of the art" acquisition, display and processing capabilities.

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varna Simple installation wizards depending on your hardware
varna Real-time data display ideal for aligning experiments
varna Real-time charting capability for optimising your experiment
varna Real-time data calculations including background correction, flat-fielding, transmission, reflectance and absorptance
varna Advanced virtual memory management allows files >2GB in size to be opened and viewed with minimal performance impact on you PC
varna Minimize memory usage and increase frame rate via simple sub-binning and sub-array control
varna User selectable triggering options
varna Comprehensive display modes - pseudo-color image, 2D, 3D stacked and overlaid
varna Comprehensive AndorBasic programming language
varna Compatible with Windows 2000, XP Vista, and 7 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms

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