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Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
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Diameter tolerance +0/-0.25 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.2 mm
Clear aperture >85%
Surface quality 60-40 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Laser damage Threshold 0.63 J/cm² @355nm; 6.4ns; 20 Hz
1.54 J/cm² @1064nm; 10ns; 20 Hz
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Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Mirrors perform high reflection in whole range of 350 nm - 1100 nm and show high average reflection in very wide range of angle of incidence (0°-50°). As maximum GDD reaches about 350 fs2, mirrors do not cause considerable pulse broadening for 1 ps and shorter pulses*. Due to these features ultra-broadband mirror is a good choice to replace three or more convetional laser line mirrors, especially designed for Nd:YAG and its harmonics.

* specific GDD values are indicated in GDD vs. Wavelength curves
varna High reflection in ultra broad wavelength range
varna Wide range of acceptable ange of incidence
varna High laser induced damage threshold
varna Could replace several conventional components

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AOI, deg Dimensions, mm Reflectivity (Ravg), % Wavelength range, nm Delivery Product ID Price Action
0-50 Ø50.8 x 8 >99.0 370 - 1100 Request 1-OS-0508-8-P-[UBBHR] Request REQ
0-50 Ø12.7 x 5 >99.0 370 - 1100 Request 1-OS-0127-5-P-[UBBHR] Request REQ
0-50 Ø25.4 x 6 >99.0 370 - 1100 Request 1-OS-0254-6-P-[UBBHR] Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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