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PowerXP - Compact Motorized Attenuator

PowerXP - Compact Motorized Attenuator
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Typical application High power CW and pulsed lasers
Configuration λ/2 waveplate + TFP
Time between min and max attenuation 1 sec
Resolution <15 arcsec/step
Step accuracy in full rotation ± ½ step
Backlash ± ½ step
Control interface USB
Damage threshold >10 J/cm^2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm, 10 Hz
Software platform WindowsTM
Material Black anodized aluminium
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60x32x64 mm
Stock beam dump power compatibility <1 W
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Compact version of Altechna’s Motorized Attenuator. This device attenuates free space laser beam (or pulse) continuously without introducing additional energy fluctuations. Contrast better than 3000:1 (Tp:Ts) is achieved since this attenuator is mounted with high contrast polarizer. This very compact version of attenuator can be easily integrated in custom optical systems.

varna Very compact size
varna User-friendly software interface
varna Divides laser beam into two parallel beams of adjustable intensity ratio
varna High optical damage threshold
varna Low dispersion for femtosecond and high energy laser pulses
varna Stand-alone USB powered controller
varna Ideal for integration in other systems

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Clear aperture Wavelength, nm Attenuation range Delivery Product ID / Drawings Price Action
8 400 0.1-98% Request 6-PWRXP-400 Request REQ
8 800 0.1-99% Request 6-PWRXP-800 Request REQ
8 532 0.1-99% Request 6-PWRXP-532 Request REQ
8 343 0.1-97% Request 6-PWRXP-343 Request REQ
8 355 0.1-97% Request 6-PWRXP-355 Request REQ
8 515 0.1-99% Request 6-PWRXP-515 Request REQ
8 1030 0.04-99% Request 6-PWRXP-1030 Request REQ
8 1064 0.04-99% Request 6-PWRXP-1064 Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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