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Technical Consulting – Crystals

Technical Consulting – Crystals
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Tuning your laser source to other wavelengths? Altechna professionals are here to help you evaluate which nonlinear crystal would be best for the required frequency conversion or it’s optimal configuration in respect of available power, beam size, pulse duration or repetition rate.

Want to build second (SHG) or third (THG) harmonic generators, parametric oscillators vs amplifiers (OPO, OPA), sum (SFG) or difference (DFG) frequency generators designed particularly for your laser? We’re ready for a challenge!

Unsure how to best use Raman, photorefractive, electro-optic or need simply birefringent crystals? Learning how the crystals could be used in various laser applications? We can share our experience with you.

Consult Altechna experts about the best way to reach your result before investing into expensive optics. We provide free technical consulting services that can save you time and resources. Get the most effective solutions for various crystal applications, the needed technical information, and appropriate simulations and optimal optical setup advice from the people who have seen it all.

We take everything into consideration! So, we will prepare estimations of all important factors, e.g.:

  • Birefringence;
  • Phase matching conditions;
  • Conversion efficiency;
  • Walk-off;
  • Short pulse effects (dispersion lengths);
  • Angle and spectral acceptance bandwidths;
  • Laser induced damage threshold (LIDT);
  • Thermal effects;
  • Linear or two photon absorption losses (TPA);
  • Non-collinear phase matching or non-critical phase matching (NCPM);
  • Quasi-phase matching (QPM) conditions;
  • Focusing conditions and influence to conversion;
  • Cavity requirements;
  • Design of multi subsequent stages;
  • Environment influence to life time.

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