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MODIC - Motorized Divergence Controller

MODIC - Motorized Divergence Controller
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Lens material UVFS
Adjustment rate up to 20 mrad/sec
Clear Aperture >8 mm
Overall transmission 98.5 %
LIDT >7 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm
Control interface USB
Software platform WindowsTM
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
MODIC is divergence adjuster, designed for automated applications. It changes beam divergence from ~-2 mrad (converging to ~+4 mrad (diverging). This device is usefull in laser machining systems, where quick laser spot size adjustment is necessary. Control solution of the divergence adjuster is versatile – it can be computer controlled or directly with control buttons. Standard wavelengths are 1st-3rd Nd:YAG harmonics, but any custom wavelength is available on request.

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Wavelength, nm Delivery Product ID / Drawings Price Action
532 Request 6-MDC-1-532 Request REQ
1064 Request 6-MDC-1-1064 Request REQ
355 Request 6-MDC-1-355 Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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