8SMCC PCI - Stepper Motor Controller

8SMCC PCI - Stepper Motor Controller

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Microcontroller PIC16F874-C20
Command protocol version 1.0
Maximum amount of steps 16581375
Limit switches 2
Emergency switches 2
Rotational switch 1
Logic powering 5V DC
Powering of stepper motors from internal PC power supply 12V DC
Powering of stepper motors from external power supply 5- 36V DC, up to 1.5A
Step division 1; 1/2; 1/4; 1/8 of step
Operating temperature Accordingly requirements to PC
Output connector DВ-15 (8SMCC PCI1); DB-37 (8SMCC PCI3)
Power dissipation 4W for one axis
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Controller is designed to work on PCI bus of computer. ALTECHNA manufactures lots of motorized devices such as linear translation stages, rotation stages, attenuators and other equipment. All stepper motors used in ALTECHNA's motorized devices can be controlled by 8SMCC PCI controller. Controller can be used to drive motorized positioners of other manufacturers if stepper motor parameters match specifications of 8SMCC PCI.
varna It controls all parameters of motion: velocity, acceleration, deceleration, amount of steps (or micro steps) and direction.
varna Controller supports step division up to 1/8 steps (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 step).
varna Two end switches and one rotation switch can be connected to the controller.
varna Controller is capable to stop motor with deceleration in motion mode (soft stop).
varna Information about status of end switches can be read from controller.
varna Motor current can be switch off or on to disconnect motor safely.
varna Controller turns off the power when signal from one of two emergency switches is received.

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