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varna Applications:
varna Pump source for harmonic generators, optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers (using periodically poled KTP or LiNbO3 crystals)
varna Low-coherence "white light" interferometry
varna Test and measurement systems
varna Optical coherence tomography
varna Two-photon microscopy
varna Fluorescence microscopy

Micro Laser Nd:LSB models manufactured by Standa Ltd.

Wavelength, nm 531 531 531
Output power, mW 40 25 50
Pulse energy, μJ 4 5 50
Pulse duration, ns 0.5 <0.7 0.5
Repetition rate, kHz1051
Beam quality M2<1.2<1.2<1.2
Pulse spectral structureSingle longitudinal modeSingle longitudinal modeSingle longitudinal mode
Polarization ratio>100:1>100:1>100:1
Operating temperature, °C10 - 3010 - 3010 - 30
WarrantyOne yearOne yearOne year
Laser head dimensions
Diameter, mm252525
Length, mm76.576.576.5

Wavelength, nm 531 354 265.5
Output power, mW 50 15 10
Pulse energy, μJ 0.5 >1.5 >1
Pulse duration, ns 0.5 <0.5 <0.5
Repetition rate, kHz 100 10 10
Beam quality M2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.2
Pulse spectral structure Single longitudinal mode Single longitudinal mode Single longitudinal mode
Polarization ratio >100:1 >100:1 >100:1
Operating temperature, °C 10 - 30 10 - 30 10 - 30
Warranty One year One year One year
Laser head dimensions
Diameter, mm 25 30 30
Length, mm 76.5120120

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