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Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Safety Glasses
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Working with lasers is entirely safe as long as you apply adequate protection to your eyesight. Otherwise, laser beam impact can induce severe and often irreversible damage to retina or cornea.
Take advantage of our professional anti-laser spectacles and goggles. They are comfortable, absolutely safe, and they provide excellent visibility.
Selecting Appropriate Laser Eye Protection.
The choice of the most suitable safety spectacles goggles must be done in compliance with standard EN 166, EN 207 and EN 208. The use of unsuitable eye-wear is one of the most frequent causes of eye injury. So, please, consider the following as a guide.
For a correct judgement of optical hazards, it is important to know some fundamental parameters defined in the standards of eye-protection against laser radiation.
  • Laser wavelength. Determine all wavelengths used in your application, to protect against with one pair of glasses (consider tunable systems or multiple lasers).
  • Laser mode. Check your laser output, if it is continuous, pulsed or repetitively pulsed. In case of pulse mode, additionally determine time duration to find out I, R or M type of laser.
  • Output parameters. For continuous wave lasers check the maximum output power and beam diameter to calculate the power density (W/m2). For pulsed lasers determine the maximum energy, the beam diameter, and the frequency (if applicable) to calculate the energy density (J/m2) or power density (for M type)
  • Stability to radiation. This is the minimum power (or energy) density value that the protection filter of set class and must comply with. Find the stability to laser radiation (the adequate for full protection or alignment) entry in the tables - the closest greater value to your calculation. The entry identifies the spectral transmittance, and the optical density (scale number).
  • Spectral transmittance and optical density. Spectral transmittanceisthe ratio between the power (or energy) transmitted by the filter and the incident power. The transmittance values, which vary from 10-1 to 10-10 (i.e. optical density from 1 to 10), correspond to ten levels of eye protection: L1 to L10.
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      * - SH stands for Second harmonics

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