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10APF - Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter mount

10APF - Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter mount
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Half waveplate
rotation range 360°
scale gradation
Beamsplitter cube
pivot ±2.5°
sensitivity 3 arcsec
rotation 360°
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Variable Attentuator/Beamsplitter 10APF units allow mounting a half waveplate and a polarizing beamsplitter. The result is a combined Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter. To attenuate the beam, you can rotate the waveplate the whole 360°. 10APF3 is a modified 5APH79T mount. When mounted on the M4 hole in the platform, pivot is applied to the base instead of the platform. A beamsplitter is mounted via an adapter to the base. Hence the beamsplitter can be pivoted within ±2.5° in one coordinate. You can freely rotate the adapter in the base and clutch it with a fixing screw.
varna Combined Half Waveplate with a Polarizing Beamsplitter
varna Both optics are adjustable
varna Optics should be ordered separately

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Cube adapter dimensions Material Waveplate adapter dimensions Delivery Product ID Price Action
12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm Black anodized aluminum Ø25.4 mm Request 10APF Request REQ


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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