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9S75M - Micrometers

9S75M - Micrometers
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Scale graduation 0.01 mm
Sensitivity 1µm
Pitch M6x0.5
Thread M10x1
(as option) M10x0.5
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Micrometers 9S75M have M6x0.5 pitch. Positioning sensitivity is up to 1 m (0.5mm per revolution). You mount the micrometer by the M10x1 thread (M10x0.5 as option). When the scale is not visible, you bring it into view by revoluting the collar on which the scale is engraved. The scale is graduated in 0.01 mm increments. The micrometers come in 7 different travel ranges. 9S75M are utilized in our mirror mounts and translation stages. They may also be used in positions of other manufacturers. As an example you could see Altechna translation stage 7T173-50 with on of these screws.
varna Nominal travel 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 mm
varna Designed for micro-positioning applications
varna Stainless steel screw with hard steel ball tip
varna Allows positioning with sensitivity of 1 µm
varna Micrometers have scale gradation 10 µm
varna Provide very smooth motion
varna Brass collar


ModelNominal travel, mmMaximum travel, mmL, mmWeight, kg

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