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9S67 - Compact Fine Screws

9S67 - Compact Fine Screws
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Compact Fine Screws 9S67 are low profile, and compact. The provide high resolution. A special design provides smooth and repeatable action by mating stainless steel screw with a brass collar on a high-precision M6x0.35 thread. The combination of metals provides a superior match for both sticktion less movement and long lifetime. 9S67 has a mounting diameter of 8 mm. The 9S67M has a mounting thread M10x1, or M10x0.5 as option. A compact knob is made from black anodized aluminium or steel. Your fingers can sense minimal rotation of 0.5-1. The associated positioning resolution of the screw would be 1 m/1. For example those screws are used in those Altechna stages:


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