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9SH127 - Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws

9SH127 - Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
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Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws 9SH127 are extremely compact and precise. A screw is composed of a 0.25 pitch stainless steel screw and a brass collar. One end of the screw has a hexagonal hole for adjustment using a spanner or a Removable Knob 9RK127 (optional). Another end of the screw is either fitted with the hardened steel ball, or made blunt. Brass collars, for plain cylindrical and threaded mounting, can be of 3 types. Weight: 0.01 to 0.02 kg. *You may specify an alternative pitch of M10x0.5.
varna Tolerances better than tightest industry standards
varna Stainless steel screw with pitch of 0.25 mm
varna Precision brass collars of 3 types


ModelTravel, mmL, mmTipCollar
9SH127-101025ball tip8.7
9SH127-252540ball tip8.7
9SH127-7722ball tip8.7
9SH127B-101022blunt tip8,7
9SH127B-252537blunt tip8,7
9SH127B-7719blunt tip8,7
9SH127BM-101022blunt tipM10x1
9SH127BM-252537blunt tipM10x1
9SH127BM-7719blunt tipM10x1
9SH127BN-101030blunt tip9,5
9SH127BN-252545blunt tip9,5
9SH127BN-5525blunt tip9,5
9SH127M-101023ball tipM10x1
9SH127M-252538ball tipM10x1
9SH127M-7720ball tipM10x1
9SH127N-101033ball tip9,5
9SH127N-252548ball tip9,5
9SH127N-5528ball tip9,5

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