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9SH137, 9SH147 - Fine Hex Adjustment Screws

9SH137, 9SH147 - Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
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Screw of pitch M4 x 0.25 are similar in dimensions. They are: 9SH147, 9SH147M, 9SH147ML, 9SH147MN, and 9SH147MF. A fixing nut is available for screws with threaded collar. It will allow to fix the screw at any depth in walls too thin for the 6 mm collar thread. It will fix a screw so that the locking screw is in desired orientation. When you order our units with these screws,we will make sure to include the fixing nut, in case the unit's wall is thin. In other cases you may order the nut separately. We could supply these screws with any other travel by request. ML, MN, MF models are lockable.
varna Small size (M3 or M4) adjustment screws
varna Screws of stainless steel
varna Brass nut with outer M6 mounting thread
varna Hex key drive
varna Pitch 0.25mm
varna Travel 5mm
varna Lockable models available
varna Other travel by request

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