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7T125 - Basic Translation Stages

7T125 - Basic Translation Stages
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Travel range 10 mm
Sensitivity 1 um
Angular deviation < 200 rad
Tracking accuracy 2 um
Reading accuracy 5 um (1/2 division)
Load capacity
10 kg
relative to driving screw
3 kg
0.5 kg
Weight 0.3 kg
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Basic Translation Stages 7T125 replace the older magnetic stage 7T25. Mounting is mainly the same. 7T125X-10 - for X axis. Two such stages stack in XY axes with greater stability (2 screws M6 are used). 7T125Z-10 - for Z axis. It has less XY mounting provisions than 7T125X. Rather it has extra mounting holes for end items. 2 screws M6 are used for Z stacking. 7T125Z-10 has patterns of mounting holes: M6 on the platform, and M4 on the base. The base has a 12 mm clear aperture not obscured over the whole travel range. The platform rolls on ball bearing guides, and is preloaded against the driving screw by springs. Load capacity is up to 3 kg., when mounted vertically. The stages mount directly to their own type, or to other stages, optical tables. The stages are of black finished aluminium.
varna 10 mm travel
varna Low profile
varna X-Y-Z direct stacking

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