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5F21-2 - Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts

5F21-2 - Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts
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Fine screw thread M6x0.25
Tilt/tip range
Sensitivity 3 arcsec
Mounting hole 50.8mm optics (2")
Clear aperture 49 mm
Maximum optics thickness 7 mm
Repeatability 20 µrad
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
5F21-2-SH the ending SH means that shown model has hex screws instead of screws with knobs as in main model 5F21-2.
varna Flip optics in and out of the optical scheme
varna Kinematic design
varna Clear edge design
varna Hex key drive optional
varna Material: black anodized aluminium
varna 5F21M-2 "Mirror" version

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