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5PH50 - Polarizer Holders

5PH50 - Polarizer Holders
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Polarizer Holders 5PH50 are ideal for positioning rotation sensitive optics such as polarizers or waveplates. Holders are offered for optics 1", 2" and 3" in diameter. Optics is placed inside central aperture, where it is securely held in place by a threaded retaining ring. The position is indicated on two 360° angular scales, with gradation of 2°. Where space prevents from reading one scale, you always will be able to view another. The base of the polarizer holder has threaded holes M6 and M4 for mounting on posts or bases. 5PH50 has a removable rod to rotate the platform by any of its 4 holes.

Polarizer Holders 5PH50-H are the same as 5PH50, except that their fixing screw is tightened with a hex-key (supplied), and it doesn't stand out from the surface. Like in 5PH50, the platform is rotated by any rod or the same hex key. Polarizer holders are made of black anodized aluminium.

for Ø76.2 mm
(3 inch) optics
for Ø50.8 mm
(2 inch) optics
for Ø25.4 mm
(1 inch) optics
varna 2 engraved scales located on face and outer surfaces
varna Direct mounting of optics 1", 2" or 3" in diameter
varna Compact design with roller bearings
varna Horizontal and Vertical mounting
varna Continuous 360° rotation
varna Lockable


ModelClear aperture, mmOptics diameter, mmFixingWeight, kg
5PH50-1 23 25,4 screw 0,8
5PH50-1H 23 25,4 hex 0,8
5PH50-2 48 50,8 screw 0,18
5PH50-2H 48 50,8 hex 0,17
5PH50-3 72 76,2 screw 0,46
5PH50-3H 7276,2hex0,45

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