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5HP18 - Adjustable Height Posts

5HP18 - Adjustable Height Posts
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Adjustable Height Post 5HP18 is used both for coarse setting of Post mounted optics in the height range of 50 mm, and for finer adjustment over a height range of 7.5 mm (see below). The post has a moving chuck with a mounting opening for mounting posts. This precise opening is double bored along the inner wall to form two lines of contact for mounting posts 12 mm in diameter. Thus a precision mounting post slips into a definite state and doesn't play in the chuck. Use adapters 3AH to attach 5PH18 directly to various surfaces. Material: steel with black finish.

Coarse adjustment. Move the mounting post inside the chuck by hand and lock its position by thumbscrews. Fine adjustment. One revolution of the knurled ring moves the chuck with a post holder in it along its axis by 1.33 mm without rotation. Chuck's position is locked by another thumbscrew.


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