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5ZYP - Y-Z Positioners for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives

5ZYP - Y-Z Positioners for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives
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Y-Z Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives 5ZYP are compact mounts designed to precisely position optical components in the plane orthogonal to the optical axis. Ideal for microscope objectives, mounted pinholes, fiber optics chucks, and diode lasers. The mounts provide 5 mm translation with sensitivity of 2 m. 5ZYP-1 includes two adapters: W0.8 and 1". 5ZYP-2 includes one 2 inch adapter. Two Altechna adjustment screws are used for positioning. They can be replaced with any screw or micrometer with M10x1 mounting thread. The stage comes with 9S65M screw as standard. You don't have to specify this screw in your order. If you order the stage with alternative screws, please specify this in order, by appending the screw code name to the stage code. See section "Fine Adjustment Screws" for screws and their codes. Two ways to fasten 5ZYP: by an M6 hole; on a connecting cone 3CC4, 3CC6 by a 7 hole. Material: black anodized aluminium.


5ZYP-1-A1Positioner with ring A1
5ZYP-1-B1Positioner with ring B1
5ZYP-1-W0.8Positioner with ring W0.8
5ZYP-2-A2Positioner with ring A2
5ZYP-2-B2Positioner with ring B2

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