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4LM149 - Universal Adjustable Lens/Optics Mounts

4LM149 - Universal Adjustable Lens/Optics Mounts
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Universal Adjustable Lens / Optics Mounts 4LM149-10 and 4LM149-05 are used to accommodate any round objects of any thickness like lenses, mirrors and lasers. Three support shafts of holder are assembled with non-rotating V-groove aluminium universal interchangeable tips for lenses mirrors, etc. While not in use the new non-abrasive flat Teflon face aluminium tips for lasers are kept in special holes on aluminium support ring. Long objects like cylindrical laser heads can be held by two mounts together with Multiple Mounting Plates 2MP. Each individual adjustable shaft of holder incorporates threaded thumbscrew, sliding sleeve and fixation tool for rough positioning and diameter setting. It is enough to give only a twist thumbscrew of the shaft to provide a fine adjustment travel. Three various mounting holes M4, M6, and Ø6.4, Ø11x4 provides various and easy attachment possibilities to the optical tables, breadboards and the ALTECHNA rod holder system.
varna Hold cylindrical objects of various diameters
varna Three mounting possibilities
varna Convenient holding of tips not used at the moment
varna Quick coarse positioning and diameter setting possibility
varna Made of black anodized aluminium


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