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Enhanced Watt Pilot - Attenuator

Enhanced Watt Pilot - Attenuator
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Clear Aperture 15 mm (up to 50 mm are available)
Antireflection Coating R< 0.25% all entrance and exit surfaces
Time dispersion t<4 fs for 100 fs Ti:Sapphire laser pulses
Configuration Reflection mode: λ/2 Zero Order Waveplate + 2x Brewster type thin film polarizers
Broad-band reflection mode: λ/2 Zero Order Waveplate + 2x Broad-band Brewster type thin film polarizers
Transmission mode: λ/2 Zero Order Waveplate + 1x Brewster type thin
Extinction ratio Ts/Tp< 1:500
Operational wavelength range Reflection mode: ±5 nm
Broad-band reflection mode: ±20 nm
Transmission mode: ±5 nm
Attenuation range @ CWL Reflection mode: 0.3 - 99% for reflected s-pol beam
Broad-band reflection mode: 0.5 - 98% for reflected s-pol beam
Transmission mode: 0.3 - 95% for transmitted p-pol beam
Damage threshold >5 J/cm2; >100 mJ/cm2@100fs, 10 Hz, 800 nm
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Enhanced Watt Pilot consists of 2 high-performance polarizing optics components placed in precision opto-mechanical Holder 5APH79T-1. The variable attenuator/beamsplitter incorporates 2 high-performance Brewster type polarizers, which reflect s-polarized light while transmitting p-polarized light. These two Brewster type polarizers are housed in special design opto-mechanical adapter. The adapter allows to use either round shape either rectangular shape Brewster type polarizers as well.
A rotating quartz Phase λ/2 Waveplate is placed in the incident polarized laser beam. The intensity ratio of those two beams may be continuously varied without alteration of other beam parameters by rotating the waveplate. The intensity of either exit beam, or their intensity ratio, can be controlled over a wide dynamic range.
P-polarization could be selected for maximum transmission, or high-purity s-polarization could be reflected when maximum attenuation of the transmitted beam takes place.

varna Ideal for femtosecond applications
varna Divides laser beam into two parallel beams of manually adjustable intensity ratio
varna Large dynamic range
varna Negligible beam deviation
varna High Optical damage threshold
varna Low dispersion for femtosecond and high energy laser pulses

Specifications of the standard models

MODELHigh Power Enhanced performanceHigh Power
Configurationλ/2 ZO Waveplate + 2x Brewster type thin film polarizersλ/2 LO Waveplate + 2x Brewster type thin film polarizers
Operational wavelenght range+/-10 nm +/-2 nm
Damage treshhold>5 J/cm2>5 J/cm2

Price list

MODEL1-2 pcs3-5 pcs
High Power650 €600 €
High Power Enhanced performance740 €685 €

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Optimization Wavelength, nm Delivery Product ID Price Action
Transmission mode 355 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0355 700 €
Transmission mode 400 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0400 700 €
Transmission mode 515 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0515 700 €
Transmission mode 532 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0532 700 €
Transmission mode 780 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0780 700 €
Transmission mode 800 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0800 700 €
Transmission mode 1064 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-1064 700 €
Transmission mode 1550 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-1550 700 €
Reflection mode 355 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0355 720 €
Reflection mode 400 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0400 720 €
Reflection mode 515 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0515 720 €
Reflection mode 532 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0532 720 €
Reflection mode 780 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0780 720 €
Reflection mode 800 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0800 720 €
Reflection mode 1064 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-1064 720 €
Reflection mode 1550 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-1550 720 €
Transmission mode 266 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-0266 730 €
Transmission mode 780-820 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-7882 740 €
Transmission mode 1020-1040 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-T-1030 740 €
Reflection mode 266 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-R-0266 750 €
Broad-band reflection mode 780-820 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-BBR-0800 820 €
Broad-band reflection mode 1020-1040 2-4 weeks 2-EWP-BBR-1030 820 €


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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