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LaserEye Beam Vizualizers

LaserEye Beam Vizualizers
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
Currently we are offering four types of LaserEye beam visualizers:
  1. UVIRV model of visualizer is intended for visualization of IR and UV coherent and incoherent radiation both from laser and other type-light sources. Visualizer requires no electrical power supply. It is an ecologically-safe ceramic tablet made of rare-earth element compounds.
  2. IRV model of visualizer is designed for conversion of near IR radiation of pulsed and CW lasers to visible green light. The material of visualizer is special ceramic with anti-stokes luminophores.
  3. UVIRV-IRV Twin model combines two models (1 and 2) in one visualizer for your convenience. One side of the visualizer is for UV-IRV visualization (emitting red color) and the other side is for IRV visualization (emitting green color).
  4. IRV card model of visualizer has similar characteristics as the IRV visualizer above but it is not mounted in a holder. Instead it is integrated in a custom design card.
  5. UVB model of visualizer is designed for UV radiation below 266nm conversion to blue light. Material of UVB is special ceramic with luminophores.
  6. IRVQ model is designed for near IR pulsed radiation convesrion into second harmonic. Material of IRVQ is organic polycrystals.
varna High mechanical durability
varna High sensitivity to laser radiation
varna Universal and convenient
varna Low cost

Laser Beam Visualizers

Visualiser Model Spectral range, nmEmission light colourThreshold sensitivity, W/cm2Operational aperture, mmPrice, EUR
6-UVIRV190 -1090 + 1470 - 1600Red0.01dia3586
6-IRV card780-1600Green0.0515x2025
6-UVIRV/IRV-Twin190 - 1090 + 1470 - 1600 / 880 - 1070Red / Green0.02 / 0.01dia35135
6-IRVQ900-1350Green to Red0.1dia3590

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Spectral range, nm Emission light color Operational aperture, mm Threshold sensitivity, W/mm Delivery Product ID Price Action
190 - 1000 Blue / Red Ø35 0.02 4-6 weeks 6-UVB 0 $
900 - 1350 Red to Green Ø35 0.1 4-6 weeks 6-IRVQ 0 $
780 - 1600 Green 20 x 15 0.05 From stock 6-IRVcard 0 $
190-1090 + 1470-1600 Red Ø35 0.01 From stock 6-UVIRV 0 $
880 - 1070 Green Ø35 0.02 From stock 6-IRV 0 $
190-1090+1470-1600/880-1070 Red/Green Ø35 0.02/0.01 From stock 6-UVIRV/IRV-Twin 0 $


You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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