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7TF1 - Fiber Coupling Stage

7TF1 - Fiber Coupling Stage
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Travel range in each XYZ direction 2mm
High resolution micrometer screws with pitch 0,25mm
Repeatability 0,3 microns
Sensitivity 0,2µm
Reading accuracy 1,25 µm (1/2 division)
Cross-Talk 20 µm/mm
Load capacity 1,5 kg
Weight 1,6kg
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Flexure stages are ideal for high precision device manipulation. This stage suits almost any micropositioning applications range, for example, from fiber launch systems for single-mode, multimode and polarization maintaining fibers as well as waveguide alignment, through to the manipulation of microstructures in bioscience. Fiber Coupling Stage of flexure compact block design with high-resolution micrometers ensures long-termed stability and good stiffness together with smooth motion without the severe limitations of stiction and friction. Fiber Coupling Flexure stages have a combination of overall size, travel, resolution, and low cost that makes them unique decision to meet the stringent requirements of photonics laboratory applications. Vacuum compatible Fiber Coupling Stages versions are delivered on request. Also as an option fiber coupling stage could be provided with differential screws.
varna Fiber coupling stage of flexure design
varna Rotating platform on the top
varna Compact block design
varna Long-term stability
varna Smooth motion

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