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Glan Taylor Polarizers

Glan Taylor Polarizers
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Material a-BBO, Calcite or YVO4
Wavelength range a-BBO: 220 - 3000 nm; Calcite: 350 - 2200 nm; YVO4: 500 - 4000 nm
Extinction ratio a-BBO: <5x10^-6; Calcite: <5x10^-6; YVO4: <5x10^-6
Surface quality 20-10 scratch & dig
Beam deviation <3 arcmin
Wavefront distortion λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Damage threshold >200 MW/cm²
Coating Single layer MgF2
Mount Black anodized aluminum
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Glan Taylor prism consists of two calcite prisms separated by an air gap. Transmitted extraordinary beam is used. Rejected ordinary beam is absorbed by black glass plates cemented to calcite prisms.
varna Air-spaced, medium power polarizers
varna for visible or near IR wavelengths
varna Rejected beam absorbed internally, <5x10-6 extinction ratio
varna Close to Brewster's Angle Cutting
varna High Polarization Purity
varna Short Length

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