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Beamsplitter Penta Prisms

Beamsplitter Penta Prisms
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Material BK7, UVFS, TF10, IRFS, FS
Flatness < λ/4 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality 40-20 S-D
Coatings Available on request
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.
By adding a wedge and with partial reflective coating on first reflective surface(S1), Penta prism can be used as a beamsplitter. We supply beamsplitter penta prism with standard transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 20/80%, 50/50%. Other T/R ratios are available upon request.

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You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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