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varna "One turn adjusment" option
varna Expansion ratios 1.5x-5x; 5x-8x; 2x-8x
varna High laser induced damage threshold
varna Transmission better than 97%
varna Fixed-length design option
varna Custom designs available

Manually Adjustable 2x - 8x Laser Beam Expander

Expansion ratioWavelength, nmInput aperture, mmExit aperture, mmHousing diameter, mmHousing length, mmModel
Tunable 2X - 8X10644.5 - 113645 - 50114 - 142BE-MA-1064
Tunable 2X - 8X5324.5 - 113645 - 50114 - 142BE-MA-532
Tunable 2X - 8X3554.5 - 113645 - 50112 - 142BE-MA-355

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