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7FCA - Fiber Coupling Accessories

7FCA - Fiber Coupling Accessories
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Adjustable Force Fiber Clamp - 7FCA-001 -V-Grooved insert has 5 different V-Grooves and one flat surface -V-Grooves are suitable for fibers or cylindrical optical elements in the range of 125 μm to 2 mm in diameter -Adjustable force fiber clamping arm, 20 to 250g -Knob on the top is for adjusting the clamping force 7FCA-001 is fast release Adjustable Force Fiber Clamp wich allows to fix fibers of different diameters in V-grooves. The top knob is used to adjust the clamping forces that the clamping arm exerts on the fiber, this feature is useful when working with specialty fibers such as highly birefringent fibers, photonic crystal fibers, or different glass fibers. This Adjustable Force Fiber Clamp has been designed to allow rapid mounting and dismounting of a variety of photonic components from bare optical fibers, optical fibers mounted in ceramic ferrules, to multi-channel waveguides. Fiber Cable Clamp - 7FCA-002 Allows to fix the fiber cables and ensures that the fiber optical cable is not moved in unwanted postion. For cables with diameters from 700μm to 3 mm.

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