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5MBM24 - Kinematic Mirror mounts

5MBM24 - Kinematic Mirror mounts
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Maximum optics thickness
5.5 mm
6 mm
14 mm
Fine screw thread M6x0.25
Tilt range
Travel range 4 mm
Sensitivity 3 arcsec or 1 µm
Price list
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Attention! You can customise this product to your needs.

Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts 5MBM24 are used for precise angular and linear alignment of optical elements.

There are two models: one with round (5MBM24-1, 5MBM24-2, 5MBM24-3) and one with square (5MBM24-1SQ, 5MBM24-2SQ, 5MBM24-3SQ) shaped mounting opening.

for Ø76.2 mm (3 inch) optics
for Ø50.8 mm (2 inch) optics
for Ø25.4 mm (1 inch) optics

for square 76.2 mm
(3 inch) optics
for square 50.8 mm
(2 inch) optics
for square 25.4 mm
(1 inch) optics

5MBM24 has a resting flange to stop the optics. One fixing screw (two in “square” mounts) secures the optics against 2 contact lines, which make 2 contact points. To prevent damage to the optics, the tip of the fixing screw is made of plastic. Square mount additionally has 4 fixing screws for thin optics. They have conic tips to work as wedges to clutch a thin plate of optics to the resting flange. For thick optics it has 2 screws rather than one. A platform is preloaded by two strong coil springs, ensuring tight kinematic fit. A thick base adds to stability. This allowed us to eliminate part of the mount, keeping clear one edge of the optics. Useful in schemes where beams go very close to each other.

As standard, we fit screws 9S127. You may order the mounts with 2 or 3 driving screws. Choose any screw and removable knob found in Fine adjustment screws section. 5MBM24-1-3 uses three Fine Screws 9S127 (with knobs) 5MBM24-1-3SH uses three Fine Screws 9SH127 (without knobs) risk of tampering is reduced (hex key included)
uses two Fine Screws 9SH127
(without knobs)
uses three Fine Screws 9S127
(with knobs)

5MBM24 in combination with graduated rotator 5PHH50-1

3A-45D Used to fix mount by 45o

All models can be produced as "mirror" versions 5MBM24M, codes defined analogically.
varna 1”, 2”, 3” optics mounts
varna Mounting on either of 2 sides
varna Kinematic with clear edge design
varna A screw pushes via seat of hardened stainless steel
varna Motorized version availble 8MBM24


ModelNumber of opticsScrews / Hex Square
5MBM24-1-212 screw-
5MBM24-1-2-SQ12 screwYes
5MBM24-1-2SH12 Hex-
5MBM24-1-2SH-SQ12 HexYes
5MBM24-1-313 screw-
5MBM24-1-3-SQ13 screwYes
5MBM24-1-3SH13 Hex-
5MBM24-1-3SH-SQ13 HexYes
5MBM24-2-222 screw-
5MBM24-2-2-SQ22 screwYes
5MBM24-2-2SH22 Hex-
5MBM24-2-2SH-SQ22 HexYes
5MBM24-2-323 screw-
5MBM24-2-3-SQ23 screwYes
5MBM24-2-3SH23 Hex-
5MBM24-2-3SH-SQ23 HexYes
5MBM24-3-232 screw-
5MBM24-3-2-SQ32 screwYes
5MBM24-3-2SH32 Hex-
5MBM24-3-2SH-SQ32 HexYes
5MBM24-3-333 screw-
5MBM24-3-3-SQ33 screwYes
5MBM24-3-3SH33 Hex-
5MBM24-3-3SH-SQ33 HexYes
5MBM24M-1-212 screw-
5MBM24M-1-313 screw-
5MBM24M-select-select-select1/2/32 / 3, screw / hex- / yes

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