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5PM57 - Prism Mounts

5PM57 - Prism Mounts
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Fine screw mounting thread M10x1
Travel range
Sensitivity 5 arcsec
Weight 0,29kg
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Prism optics mounts a platform and allows to hold wider optics.

Highly Stable Precision L-shaped Optical Mounts are designed on the basis of two angular adjustment mounts, and are produced of steel with black chemical finishing. Special figure spring clamps 4BC32, 4VC41 and 4SC used in Prism Mounts for two purposes:

- It provides pre-loading against the tips of two precise driving screws for elimination of backlash.

- It ensures the absence of the roll coordinate.

The Highly Stable Precision L-shaped Optical Prism Mount has two M10x1 threaded mounting holes for mounting of the actuators. This allows using all Altechna driving screws with these mounts. M6 tapped holes on the sides provide a wide variety of mounting configurations, either horizontal or vertical. A special L-shaped design of the Mounts provides for maximum clear aperture.
varna Prism Mount
varna Special flat spring for improved stability versatility and durability
varna Kinematics, orthogonal angular adjustments
varna Vertical and horizontal mounting
varna 9° range, 5 arcsec sensitivity
varna Left or right hand mountable

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