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Transmission range
340 nm ~ 2000 nm
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
7,3x10-6 C-1, for -30/+70 C
Specific Heat Capacity
Capacity 0.858 x 103 J / (kg x °C)
2,51 g/cm3
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BK7 is a borosilicate crown optical glass with high homogeneity and low bubble and inclusion content. Its good physical and chemical properties, inexpensiveness make it widely used in visible and NIR large variety optical components: windows, lenses or prisms.

BK7 Refractive Index

Wavelength, MicronsRefractive Index
0,4047 1,53024
0,4800 1,52283
0,5893 1,51673
0,6563 1,51432
0,7065 1,51289
0,8521 1,50981
1,0600 1,50669
1,5296 1,50094
1,9700 1,49500
2,3254 1,48929

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