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1HT - Honeycomb Table Tops

1HT - Honeycomb Table Tops
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Top skin 5 mm thick ferromagnetic steel
M6 holes spaced by 25 mm
Honeycomb core
0.25 mm thick steel
115 - 125 kg/m3 (depending on the mesh size and its structure)
Flatness ±0.1 mm/m²
Young's modulus 21x10^5 kg/cm²
Shear modulus 8.2x10^5 kg/cm²
Deflection under load 4 μm (100 kg centrally loaded)
Resonant frequency 200 Hz (approx.)
Transient excitation delay time 50 ms
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Honeycomb Table Tops 1HT provide the base on which precision optical and laser work is performed. The table tops have a honeycomb core inside. The table tops meet high requirements for rigidity, flatness, vibration isolation and damping. We work constantly to improve the design, weight and cost-effectiveness of the table tops. Standard Honeycomb Tabletop 1HT consists of a 5mm thick cold-rolled stainless ferromagnetic steel top skin, and 3-6mm thick bottom skin, both bound under high pressure to a honeycomb core, using a special epoxy resin. Thickness of the skins depends on the dimensions of the table top. The top skin has a pattern (grid) of M6 holes spaced by 25mm with 0.1mm accuracy. It allows to make very quick experimental setups, and, at the same time, ensures a high level of precision and reproducibility. The surface of the top skin is ground to flatness of 0.1 mm over any 1m area over the entire surface. It is chemically passivated, ensuring a long life of the top skin. The bottom skin is coated in a firm decorative coating. Our standard honeycomb core is made of 0.25 mm corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel. A special composition of epoxy resin guarantees adhesion, rigidity, stability and damping corresponding to highest requirements. The side-walls of the table top are made of a special acoustically hollow plastic which damps acoustic vibrations. The side-walls are covered in a decorative black leather substitute. Upon request a Laser Port can be embedded in the table top allowing a laser beam to be let through the table (see the end of this page). The Honeycomb Table Tops 1HT have been mechanically and acoustically tested by qualified specialists. The Concept of Closed Top Honeycomb Tables. Real Closed Top – no way for liquids or tiny particles to get in. There are only the holes you do use. Make “new” holes by yourself. If You need a hole, clear it of the plug with a pencil or any similar item. Seal the no longer needed hole with the self-solidifying plastic mass again. In order to facilitate composition of optical schemes, we pre-set the plastic plugs of two colours, so that they form a coordinate grid with a mesh of 100 mm.
varna Sandwich structure with steel honeycomb core
varna 5 mm ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin with a pattern of M6 holes spaced by 25 mm
varna Surface flatness ±0.1 mm over any 1m² area
varna Laser Port (optional)
varna Non-Ferromagnetic Table Tops are available to special orders


ModelSize, mmThickness, mm
1HT06-24-20 600x2400 200
1HT08-10-20 800x1000 200
1HT08-12-20 800x1200 200
1HT08-15-20 800x1500 200
1HT08-18-20 800x1800 200
1HT08-20-20 800x2000 200
1HT08-24-20 800x2400 200
1HT09-10-20 900x1000 200
1HT09-12-20 900x1200 200
1HT09-14-20 900x1400 200
1HT09-15-20 900x1500 200
1HT09-16-20 900x1600 200
1HT09-18-20 900x1800 200
1HT09-18-30 900x1800 300
1HT09-24-20 900x2400 200
1HT09-24-30 900x2400 300
1HT10-10-20 1000x1000 200
1HT10-12-20 1000x1200 200
1HT10-15-20 1000x1500 200
1HT10-15-30 1000x1500 300
1HT10-18-20 1000x1800 200
1HT10-18-30 1000x1800 300
1HT10-20-20 1000x2000 200
1HT10-20-30 1000x2000 300
1HT10-24-20 1000x2400 200
1HT10-24-30 1000x2400 300
1HT10-30-20 1000x3000 200
1HT10-30-30 1000x3000 300
1HT10-35-20 1000x3500 200
1HT10-35-30 1000x3500 300
1HT12-12-20 1200x1200 200
1HT12-12-30 1200x1200 300
1HT12-15-20 1200x1500 200
1HT12-15-30 1200x1500 300
1HT12-18-20 1200x1800 200
1HT12-18-30 1200x1800 300
1HT12-24-20 1200x2400 200
1HT12-24-30 1200x2400 300
1HT12-24-40 1200x2400 400
1HT12-30-20 1200x3000 200
1HT12-30-30 1200x3000 300
1HT12-30-40 1200x3000 400
1HT12-35-20 1200x3500 200
1HT12-35-30 1200x3500 300
1HT12-35-40 1200x3500 400
1HT12-40-20 1200x4000 200
1HT12-40-30 1200x4000 300
1HT12-40-40 1200x4000 400
1HT15-15-20 1500x1500 200
1HT15-15-30 1500x1500 300
1HT15-15-40 1500x1500 400
1HT15-18-20 1500x1800 200
1HT15-18-30 1500x1800 300
1HT15-18-40 1500x1800 400
1HT15-20-20 1500x2000 200
1HT15-20-30 1500x2000 300
1HT15-20-40 1500x2000 400
1HT15-24-20 1500x2400 200
1HT15-24-30 1500x2400 300
1HT15-24-40 1500x2400 400
1HT15-25-20 1500x2500 200
1HT15-25-30 1500x2500 300
1HT15-25-40 1500x2500 400
1HT15-30-20 1500x3000 200
1HT15-30-30 1500x3000 300
1HT15-30-40 1500x3000 400
1HT15-35-20 1500x3500 200
1HT15-35-30 1500x3000 300
1HT15-35-40 1500x3500 400
1HT15-40-20 1500x4000 200
1HT15-40-30 1500x3000 300

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