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1VIS95, 1VIS96 - Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System (Obsolete)

1VIS95, 1VIS96 - Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System (Obsolete)
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Resonant frequency
2 Hz
2 Hz
Automatic levelling accuracy ±1 mm
Vertical adjustment range 12 mm
Typical air pressure range 0.5-1.9 kg/cm²
Recommended load range:
100-500 kg
400-1000 kg
400-1600 kg
1000-2500 kg
(all loads are total per 4 isolators)
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Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Systems ensure low resonant frequency almost independent of load. They have automatic leveling valves and an autonomous air supply reservoir. The pressure in isolators varies with the load. An air reservoir provides replenishment. When required, it may be refilled with a car pump. Keep the pressure between 1 - 2 kg/cm2. 1VIS95 and 1VIS96 have all legs connected (air reservoir concealed in the connecting beam). Legs of 1VIS495 operate autonomously – not interconnected. One model fits all sizes. You may order 1VIS495 not necessarily in sets of 4. Adjustment knobs (1VIS95/96 – on 3 legs; 1VIS495 – on each leg) adjust the level of the working surface within 12 mm. Each leg maintains its level with accuracy of ±1 mm.

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You can customise this product to your needs. If you do not find suitable specifications for your application please contact us for custom solution.

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