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1TS - Optical Table Supports

1TS - Optical Table Supports
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Optical Table Supports 1TS are primarily designed for the Honeycomb Table Tops 1HT. Table Supports are produced from steel tubes of 100mm and 80mm square section, in decorative black coating. 1TS is composed of two "H" type supports, bound by a cross-beam. Optical Table Supports 1TS ideally suit other types of optical plates and other equipment, as well. This is possible because plates are not fastened they are just laid on top of the supports. Table supports may be supplied with various levelling and vibration-isolation systems. This allows to meet various needs of our customers.

Passive air leveling vibration isolator (AP) are pneumatic elastomeric mounts, ideal for applications requiring higher deflection isolators. The AP’s mechanical bond design incorporates a positive locking system to ensure performance and safe operation. AP isolator has an operating temperature range of -30°C to +180°C and is resistant to oils, most solvents and ozone.
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